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Hunt Post Number Ten!

Current HM lasts until 18/Mar/2019 I'm moving on from my Roggenrola Melan Hunt (quit at 10k eggs w/o a second melan. Will have to rehunt some other time) to some… less mentally exhausting hunts, haha. New HM: 18/Mar til 14/Sept 14/Oct
Solosis Hunt Stats albino hunt [44♂S] [46♂S] [81♂S] [140♀S] [153♂S] [220♂S] [222♀A] [225 eggs] 26/Jan/2019—31/Jan/2019 Rowlet Hunt Stats albino hunt (3) [76♂S] [80♂S] [108♂S] [113♂S] [175♂S] [199♂S] [250 eggs] 31/Jan/2019—04/Feb/2019 Taking a break to hatch some exclusives. Will have to return to Rowlet later. Trubbish Hunt Stats [41♂S] [107♀S] [114♀S] [149♂S] [171♂S] [201♀S] [250♀S] [295♀S] [336♂S] [409♂S] [494♀A] [523♂A] [527♀M] [555 eggs] 05/Feb/2019—09/Mar/2019 Gothita Hunt Stats [103♀S] [122♀A] [123♀A] [240♂S] [256♀S] [265♂S] [279♀S] [325♀S] [327♀S] [338♂A] [366♂A] [384♀S] [407♀S] [410 eggs] 09/Mar/2019—25/Mar/2019 Tynamo Hunt Stats [155♀S] [196♂A] [259♀S] [292♀S] [333♂S] [408♀S] [421♀S] [453♂S] [459♀S] [494♂A] [565♀S] [588♀S] [681♂A] [700 eggs] 27/Mar/2019—25/Apr/2019 Tirtouga Hunt Stats [64♂S] [70♂S] [103♂S][105♂S] [117♂S] [120♂S] [125♂S] [152♂S] [175♂S] [213♂S] [226♂S] [246♂A] [249♂S] [315♀S] [326♀S] [342♂S] [384♀A] [400 eggs + 10 FGs] 27/Apr/2019—13/May/2019 Solrock Hunt Stats [52S] [108S] [109M] [124S] [157S] [242S] [245S] [285A] [293A] [310S] [319S] [320 eggs + 9 FGs] 14/May/2019—04/June/2019 Sigilyph Hunt Stats [42♂S] [133♂S] [169♀S] [186♂S] [189♀S] [223♀S] [335♀A] [341♂S] [345♂A] [350 eggs] 08/June/2019—12/July/2019 Emolga Hunt Stats [59♀S] [162♂S] [222♀S] [224♀A] [249♂S] [250 eggs] 15/July/2019—06/Aug/2019 Klefki Hunt Stats [75♀S] [97♂S] [112♂S] [119♀S] [133♀S] [192♂S] [200 eggs] 08/Aug/2019—24/Aug/2019 Orthrus Hunt Stats [41♀A] [85♀S] [140♂S] [Egg chain?? 150??] 30/Aug/2019—15/Sep/2019 Boxaby Hunt Stats [42♂S] [58♂A] [68♀A] [99♂A] 15/Sep/2019—paused 23/Sep/2019— Hatch Eggs Tourney [albino Croagunk] [albino Sewaddle] Accidental Croagunk Hunt Stats [20♀A] [81♀A] [122♀S] [145♀S] [220♀A] [232♂A] [248♂S] [250 eggs] 26/Sep/2019—30/Sep/2019 Venipede Hunt Stats 1 s/a each for mega wow nothing! [255 eggs] 1/Oct/2019—12/Oct/2019
To Do: Snivy Hunt Stats (2S/3A) Rowlet Hunt Stats (3A) Venipede (1S) pulled from HP6 Needed Rehunts: ➤ Albino Drilbur x2 ➤ Albino Pansear x2 ➤ Shiny Female Salandit ➤ Albino Pachirisu ...I don't really want to do any of these.
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