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Single post in Jessie's Journal 2.0

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1. All PFQ Rules apply Basic Rules, I don't need to go into detail. If you do not know the rules, go read them! 2. I usually send the trades You don't need to subscribe, but I would prefer if you do. I will label! 3. I'm open to PMs If you have any questions or are too shy to post here, you can PM me.
Shiny Prices
100k CR100 GP30 ZC3 Med. Gems
Albino Prices
150k CR150 GP50 ZC5 Med. Gems
Exclusives are double normal price.
Albino Aipom
Shiny Aipom
* = Sale, 50 GP each All of these can be found in my UFT Field and extra information can be provided if requested.
I do not reserve gems normally. Any NFT gem is being collected by me personally or a close friend.
Current Stock
x20 x116 x26 x2
x3 x28 x0 x75
x3 x1 x1 x29
x92 x2 x7 x11
x0 x18
You will receive a trade when your order is ready.
KaiserMeowser19/84240 ZC
User0/xx ZC
User0/xx ZC
User0/xx ZC
Limit: 4 Boxboxes Base Price: 3 ZC per box Quick Boxbox Price table:
160 (-3 ZC)
2120 (-6 ZC)
3180 (-9 ZC)
4240 (-12 ZC)
Code and art by Sauriel for Sauriel's use only
Check out some of my links below!
Code: Sauriel | Art: Xaandiir
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