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~••~Five~••~ Opening her eyes, Leena's head was pounding as she noticed she was being carried. Whoever was carrying her had a blue shirt, which she quickly recognized as Rua's. Trying to look up, she saw a human Rua, who had ended up carrying her in secret to a trailer. Arceus knew how long she was out for, because outside of a dingy window she saw a forest. She was gently set down on a mattress, and out of the corner of her still slightly blurry vision she saw Rua grab a few dried herbs and start to make a paste out of them. After a few minutes, he had finished and went back over to Leena. He scooped some paste into a spoon, which he guided into Leena's mouth. It was bitter, but she swallowed it to Rua's relief. After falling asleep on and off a couple dozen more times, Leena felt better enough to sit up and finally speak. "You.. remembered me?" She said as Rua nodded. He looked 16 now, and was smiling a little as he anxiously stood in front of her. "Thank you.. Rua.." She said, a few tears slipping out of her eyes and soon after, Rua's as well. Rua sat down on the mattress, the two crying as they looked at each other and smiled. She noticed that Pecks was inside his Pokéball in a vest pocket, peacefully sleeping. Rua must have helped him too. He noticed this and gave her a slightly bigger smile as he wiped tears off of his face. He probably didn't expect Leena to lean over and hug him, but she did, to Rua's surprise. However, he leaned over to hug her too, her shoulder getting damp with tears quickly. Even with her eyes closed, Leena saw a light and felt Rua shift. When she opened her eyes, she saw that he was evolving. Rua, obviously surprised, pulled away and looked at his hands, which were now paws with long, red claws. Leena, as surprised as Rua, didn't know what to do. Rua, however, broke into a grin. He used his long arms to grab a piece of paper and a pencil, and clumsily wrote two words. 'tHäǸk ÿøÜ'
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