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~••~Four~••~ It had been ten years. Now, instead of being six, Leena was 16. She had mostly forgotten about the boy as he didn't come back after that fateful day, but he happened to cross her mind now. "Wow, that was a long time ago.. how'd I even remember that?" She thought, brushing her now waist-length hair as she thought about it while getting ready for school. She had no idea why it crossed her mind, but now she couldn't stop thinking about it. "If I remember correctly, didn't he, like, blush or something after I said my favorite Pokémon was.. Zorua? Wait.. OH HOLY ARCEUS. HE WAS A ZORUA." Well, she realized it. Rua was indeed a Zorua. "Arceus, I feel really bad now. I feel like I should.. check the place I found him or something. I'm pretty sure it was an alley or something." She muttered, quietly leaving her apartment in order to not wake up her parents. Her new plan was this: check the alleyway to try and find Rua. She felt such an overwhelming sense of guilt for not realizing this; she felt obligated to apologize. She looked down at her clothes. A red vest and a white shirt, with beige jeans. Close enough to the outfit she was probably wearing, she wore the Reverse World out of that little red dress when she was 6. Coming up to the alleyway she was pretty sure she had met him in, Leena slipped in. "Uh.. R.. R.. Rue? Rue..a? Rua?" She said awkwardly, trying to remember his name. She half-whispered his name throughout the entirety of the alleyway, not even sure if this was a real memory or not. Feeling arms wrap around her neck all in a sudden, she yelped as she saw a couple of masked people. "Ahaha, dumb Mudbray of a girl." The woman who had her arms around Leena said. Leena, however, had managed to unleash her partner, a very angry Tranquill named Pecks. "G..cak.. Pec..pecks.. Help..me" She choked out as Pecks near instantly let out angry cry as he unleashed a flurry of Air Cutters. One of the masked people, a surly male, had let out his Scrafty when he saw Pecks, so the Air Cutters and Pecks were quickly taken down by Scrafty's High Jump Kicks. They clearly were trained, and despite Pecks being a strong Pokémon he was down. "AK..GH..PE..PEK..pecks..." Leena said as she started to loose consciousness from the woman who was slowly suffocating her. She got dropped as a blur quickly attacked the woman, which was the last thing Leena saw before she passed out.
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