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~••~Three~••~ "...And so the Zorua made it home to his mommy, Zoroark, and he got lots and lots of berries and hugs. The end!" Leena finished off proudly as Rua smiled and gave a few claps. She giggled, proud of her reading skills, even if she had to replace a few words with ones she knew how to say. This made Rua smile even more, and soon Leena was filled with pride. "Thank you, thank you!" She said dramatically as she took a deep bow. Jumping back upright, Leena had an idea. "Hey Rua, what's your favorite Pokémon? Mine's Zorua, 'cause it's so cute and I just want to hug it!!" She said. To her confusion, the boy's face grew bright red and he hid it in his hands. "...What's wrong, did I say something bad?" Leena worridly said as Rua just pointed to a clock. "OH!! Rua, I have to go home now!! Bye!!" She said as she ran out the door, waving, as a red-faced Rua waved back.
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