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~••~Two~••~ Shaking himself awake for what seemed like the billionth time, the boy sat patiently, in wait for the girl. He was waiting in the lobby of the GAME FREAK building, by the front desk. There was only so much he could do for 7 hours, and he couldn't sleep like he did for most of the time because those 7 hours were nearly up. He needed to be awake for the girl. He almost dozed off again as he heard the girl come through the door, which caused him to bolt up. "Hello? Boy-- Oh! There you are! Did you wait allllll that time for me?!" She said in wonder as the boy nodded, which only made her more impressed. "Wow!! Well, Ms. Ann let me bring a book for us to read together, boy! ...Hey, what IS your name? I'm Leena!" Said the now identified Leena, clearly in a rush. The boy thought for a moment, and then shrugged. "Do you not have one?" Leena asked as the boy confirmed that he, in fact, had no name. Leena went ahead and decided to pull out the book to show him a name she thought of. "Look, the book's about a Pokémon called Zorua! Maybe we can find a name in there!" The boy, taking great interest to the book, pointed to three letters. "R-U-A? Rua? Rue-ah?" Leena tested out on her tounge as Rua nodded. Leena beamed at him, obviously liking the name. "OK Rua! Do you wanna read the book now?" She asked, to Rua's agreement. Leena opened up the book and started to read.
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