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~••~One~••~ A small girl walked through an alleyway in Castelia City. She was taking a shortcut through it to get to the bus that took her to school, despite her parents' many warnings about how dangerous it could be. She didn't really care though. She was just curious about why her parents warned her so much about it; she didn't see anything suspicious or scary. Almost out of the alleyway, she heard a small noise. Turning around, she saw a shape dart behind a garbage bin. Scared that it was a mean Pokémon, the girl was terrified that she would learn why to stay out of the alley the hard way. "D-don't hurt me p-please!" She whimpered, terrified as she saw the same blur. Covering her eyes, she heard footsteps. At this point she was trembling in her shoes, but dared to take a quick peek. The blur was a small grubby boy, watching her on all fours. Taking down her hands, the girl clutched the straps of the bookbag she was wearing and slowly walked towards him. "Are you alright?" She asked the boy, who was covered in scrapes. He shook his head, then tried to wipe dirt out of his scratches. The girl, getting an idea, took off her bookbag and dug around for some tissues, much to the boy's interest. "This might hurt a little, but it'll help get the dirt off.." Wiping the boy's cuts, he softly whimpered a little as she cleaned then with the tissues. "There! All better!" She proudly stated as she cleaned off the last bit of dirt she could.. and then remembered that she was heading to school. "Oh, I've got to go, but I have an idea! You can wait for me at the tall building, with the sign that says G-A-M-E-F-R-E-A-K!" The boy nodded and waved goodbye as she blew him a kiss and ran off to the bus.
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