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LF: Shiny Dexes

This is my journal, DO NOT post here. Last updated: 7/8/20 server (1 month ago) ----- Currently working on: Unova, Alola (fusions ;;), Galar Kinda working on: 6 more dexes until SHINY rank! (More accurate tracker in my about.) I can offer 5k cr/equiv per REGULAR dex, and more for ubs. Most of the time I'm Always Broke™, so I may have to decline.
reached ss rank on 4/15/20 12:35 my time, 4/15/20 19:35 server time reached sss rank on 5/2/20 2:54 pm my time, 5/2/20 21:54 server time

UB/Fusion dexes

QUOTE originally posted by Rebecca Gold

Rokon has shiny Pheromosa for dex trade for 100zc/eq. (Via PM) This is the only active person with Shiny Pheromosa that I know of. I know a user who dexed me Buzzwole for 30 GP/eq. but they told me "I let people dex my shinies sometimes. But I don't advertise that since dexing is not my favorite thing to do." so I'd pm you username once that's the last dex you need. Wartaa has full shiny Skyrie line, I think you can pm them since they had a thread and letting people dex for 50gp/eq each. TESSA has shiny Grymphony ufdt for 50gp in this thread. Arebani has shop and have all those shiny pokemon that require fusion. Hope this helps.
----- DO NOT PM ME. Post in my SHOP/thread. (If it's deleted, then I'm not interested in doing dex trades atm.)

Needed shiny dexes

Uhh only listing the first time I completed it? Too lazy to change * pending Kanto COMPLETED 5/7/20 11:52 am my time, 5/7/20 18:52 server Johto COMPLETED 5/24/20 10:52 am my time, 5/24/20 17:52 server Hoenn COMPLETED 6/1/20 4:54 pm my time, 6/1/20 23:24 server Sinnoh COMPLETED 6/8/20 1:10 my time, 6/8/20 20:10 server Unova Kyurem reshiram, zekrom formes - Arebani's dex shop Kalos COMPLETED 6/5/20 11:49 my time, 6/5/20 18:49 server Alola Pheromosa - Rokon, via pm (100 zc/equiv) Necrozma dusk, dawn, ultra - Arebani's dex shop Galar COMPLETED 6/12/20 11:10 pm my time, 6/12/20 18:10 server New galar drops Exclusives COMPLETED 5/31/20 1:05 pm my time, 5/31/20 20:05 server New tourney mons PFQ Megas COMPLETED 6/12/20 11:09 am my time, 6/12/20 18:09 server Variants COMPLETED 6/1/20 10:23 am my time, 6/1/20 17:23 server
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LF: Shiny Dexes || LF: Albino Dexes || LF: Stuff

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