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Amber absent-mindedly wandered around the territory of the forest where she and her parents lived. She was sent out to go berry-picking, but she was too busy doing nothing for that. She wandeded out of their territory until she came to big meadow, and she meant BIG! There were lots of friendly looking Pokemon there too, playing with each other. She wandered up to them, curious and blinking in the sudden sunlight. One of them gave a squak of alarm, and everyone turned to Amber with alerted eyes and ears. Amber took a step back, cowering under the gazes of the unusual Pokemon. "Uhhh, hi?" she mumbled, and they did nothing. Amber heard a flutter, and looked up, seeing a golden...thing flying overhead. "AAH!" She squeaked, dashing back to the bushes and to her family hut. "MOM! DAD! I just SAW A HO-OH!" Amber announced, terrified "A Ho-Oh?" her mother, Fudge, inquriered. "Those aren't native to this region, honey" "THEN THE SUN MUST'VE BEEN FALLING!" Amber said, even more distressed "THE SUN FALLING?!" his father, Berry, exclaimed. "FUDGE! AMBER! GO PACK YOUR THINGS! WE'LL HAVE TO MOVE TO THE MOON!!" Fudge sighed, "Well, did you at least bring the berries? We can't just live on cheese when we're on the moon" "Uh...About that.." Amber said, and explained the story "Well, first of all, that definetly wasn't Ho-Oh or the sun," Fudge said, matter of factly, "And, WHY WERE YOU THERE INSTEAD oF GETTING BERRIES?! YOU COULD'VE GOTTEN HURT!!" she screamed in a shrill voice. "HURRY, THE STARS MIGHT FALL SOON, TOO!" Berry said, completely unaware of the conversation that had occured in front of him. Berry sighed, mubling something along the lines of 'Why did I mate with this goofball?', and telling Amber, "You actually get the berries now and I'll explain it to this static-brain" Amber nodded and went outside, her stomach rumbling, regretting her choice to not get berries.
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