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The Mayor Lickilove gripped at the ends of his yellow bow tie and straightened it out, despite it having looked at a perfect angle before. "Ah, yes. Well, thank you for doing said duties of 'keeping the situation in control', but I will be the one of taking your guildmate. Your Guild leaders are occupied at the moment with a frightened mess of townsfolk caused by.." he paused to clear his throat, "... your friend here." He began past the Cradirig and took note of the other guildmembers surronding the purple Rhydon. "Please friends. Let me take him from here, and I will take my utmost care of Tony." He bent down at a slight angle and pat the Rhydon, only to have it recoil from his touch with a mouthed yelp. "Hmmm? That's strange... Why is he so frightful?" the Mayor asked with wide-eyed surprise.
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