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Gilgex's AvatarGilgex
Gilgex's Avatar
Ani, Full Body Please! Username: Gilgex Character Image/Reference: I would like you to draw a female anthropomorphic lizard with a dark green belly, and red wood colored scales. With amber colored eyes. She is wearing something similar to these Monk like clothes only with a book hanging by a chain around her waist besides a brown leather satchel. Any idea what they're doing?: she is leaning against a tree with one foot against it, and reading a book. She is one a grassy hill with a few trees, overlooking a large monastery. Extra Comments: this is a front view of her, and she’s holding the book at about chest height. Payment: 4500 GP
Avatar by: Animela

Art by Animela


Art by Nobita

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Art by Inkrunner101

Art by Amethyst

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