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Kenna frowned slightly, at the fact that the water was so rudely squirted into her hand. But true to her Mew-nature, she created a bubble out of it and the delighted giggle that came out of her sounded exactly like Mew's. She released the bubble, and watched it float away. She was just about to get to her feet, but she stopped when she had noticed that Mewtwo's glowing blue eyes seemed to have been concentrated on something or someone in the direction of East from where they were. "Mewtwo? What's wrong?" It took him longer than normal to answer her question, and it made her uncomfortable. "..M-Mewtwo?" She seemed to have become frightened of the change in Mewtwo's aura, she didn't like how defensive it had become. Which meant only one thing, at least to her. "Is it dad or Gary?" "Neither." Mewtwo finally answered. "Neither one? Then what is it?" "It's some kid who's name is Ash."
**Created by Syre, for my use only!!**
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