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The fire's light flickered and a glint of something hidden in the meat's wrapping caught Syna's eye. She went to grab the item but the female eevee dashed in front of her to play games. She grabbed the item along with the paper and a large flash of light went off. The little eevee, having been proud of herself for beating Syna to the item had optimal happiness to evolve into an umbreon, however the item hiding in the paper was a water stone. When the light died down Eevee had been replace by a fusion of Umbreon and Vaporeon. She was startled but loved the look of her new tail. She darted about and hopped into the stream swimming faster than ever before. Once she tired herself out she jumped into Syna's arms and stuck her tongue out at the last remaining Eevee. He had been so nervous to evole and now it was worse than ever. He felt as though if he evolved into anything other than a fusion he wouldn't be welcomed into the family the same way, but if he stayed an Eevee the possibilites were endless and they would love him just the same. He snuggled his face into Syna's side as she way laying down for bed. She knew what was bothering him and she snuggled him tightly long throughout the night. Late in the morning the graveler fusion reopened the valley ceiling. The bat pokemon flew from the rocks hiding in smaller crevaces from the light. Syna had already been up and stolen breakfast with some of the pokemon's help she was able to get enough for everyone. Once they were done eating her glaceon brother froze the leftovers for later that night. It was rare for them to have enough for more than one meal so Syna was very proud of her morning. She walked over to Mewtwo who had been on guard for most of the night and gave him a pat on the back for keeping them safe, even though all he did was stay alert. She walked over to Kenna and the newly evolved Vapumbreon squirted a tiny bit of water onto her hand. Syna gave a look that signified her suster was in trouble for being rude to their guest. Eevee climbed up Syna's back and rested on her head like a hat while they saw Kenna waking up.
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