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Syna giggled seeing the large pokemon flopping about in the air no different than a magikarp. The man took the pokeball from his wife and recalled the Snorlax into it. With an angered look he gestured for the girls and their pokemon to get out of there before his wife could regain control of the situation. Syna grabbed Kenna's hand and lead her into the forest with Mewtwo and Eevee close behind. She looked around cautiously and quickly moved some branches aside. She walked the group down a short cave tunnel that opened into a wide valley of fusion pokemon. Upon seeing Syna the Eevee's family ran over. His parents were a Jolteon/ Umbreon and a Leafeon/ Raichu his sister was also an unevolved eevee but his older brother had evolved into a fusion of Jolteon and glaceon. Their father accidentally created an ice-thunger stone with his lightning strike and anxious to grow up the young pokemon ran to catch it right away. There were pokemon of every type in the valley all living in harmony. All rejected from the outside world. Syna spoke to the Eeveeloution fusions in their language and Mewtwo translated for Kenna to understand. "She's asking them about a pregnant Ninetails. She said she saved some pie for her in her... pocket." Syna smiled at the mewtwo and lead Kenna over to the ninetails assuring the pokemon that Kenna was her friend and she shouldn't be worried. Syna this time spoke to Kenna and Mewtwo directly in her thoughts. "She brought us hear hoping we would aid her with the birth of this Ninetails babies." He said with a somewhat surprised expression.
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