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Kenna sat quietly, letting herself be belittled by her father and her older brother, Silver. Her father was yelling at her, telling her that she was going to be no good if she kept being as late as she had been for the past few days. Her brother Silver, he just kept saying how much of a better Pokemon trainer that he was going to be than she was, and he would challenge her regularly just to prove it. She finished her breakfast without saying a single word, and when she was finished, she got up and took care of her dishes. She told her brother and her father, who were still at the table, that she was leaving now. Mewtwo had followed her out of the house, and she had made sure to shut the door behind them once they were outside. "I don't get it, why let them speak to you that way?" Mewtwo asked. "Because there's no use, really. I thought you would have learned that, from all the observing you've done." She and Mewtwo had a small staring contest for at least ten seconds, before she sighed and resituated her bag on her shoulder. "Sorry, I know that sounded mean. But really, it's not worth it."
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