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A mysterious pokemon has arrived at Havenwick. "Spooky or Chatty must be around somewhere, at least according to the frozen grass..." She said as she walked into town and spotted the group of pokemon, so she walked up to one of them, who was Sylvia. "H-hello there!" the mysterious pokemon said. "H-hi! My name is Sylvia." Sylvia said. "N-nice to meet you Sylvia. Im looking for t-two of my friends, A blue cloaked snorunt n-named Spooky, and a normal skitty named C-chaton reguleir.." She said. "Sorry, I haven't seen them, though I have seen an icy blue skitty wearing what looks like a blue snorunt's cloak." Sylvia responded. "Thats p-probably not them, Im going to go ask around a bit more." She responded "A-alright, just be a bit careful, as there is a rather mad Rhydon..." Sylvia said. "Wait... I didnt get her name!" Sylvia thought to herself. "And I did not know that there was another pokemon as shy as me..." She added to her thought. Phantom was napping in the hotel room when she decided to look out the window and see what was going on outside, when she saw the plaza and how it was a bit of a mess and wanted to go help with clean up, but she also noted that at this point in time it could be a bit dangerous as she spotted the rather mad Rhydon. She then decided to go back to napping. (Woah this was the most text I think I have made for this roleplay)
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