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The Mayor allowed for the Ninjask to catch up to him so that the Pokemon would lead the way. This was something he should of done at the start, but he truly didn't want to stay any longer at that "screamo concert". He remained silent through the little stroll towards Tony despite the weight that he had on his mind. This Ninjask was not the right Pokemon to release such baggage upon. Finally, they had made it to the Rhydon, who was still struggling against the paralysis with slight huffing from the nostrils and mouth as every step was a constant battle against his body to function properly and not stay stuck in place. "Alright, then. What do we have here?" said Mayor Lickilove, picking up his pace as he spotted the Rhydon. Giranite's voice picked back up. "Well, that's just obnoxious..." He paused for a moment. "It... seems like she doesn't quite enjoy being at the guild. I suppose it's none of by business as to why she's here despite that, but don't you all think it'd be better if she made friends? Maybe then she wouldn't be so grouchy..."
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