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((This introduction got too long so I'm cutting it in several parts... Anyway, here's part 1 finally)) ''You know, I hoped for a better welcome here...'' Quyn’s voice echoed through the street they currently stood on, the smile she carried on faltering due to the sheer emptiness of the place before them. No low drone of murmuring crowds, no shuffling of busy feet against the ground and no sight of a single ´mon scurrying around, just nothing. It was as if everyone had left –fled? – in a hurry, or simply vanished altogether; the booths at its sides serving as the only indication that there was, in fact, a sort of festivity held today. Galbin frowned beneath their bangs, taking some steps closer to stand beside the Fomantis and give a better look at the horizon. Stands with bright, cheery ornaments and colors lined across the street, some surrounded with foliage and others free of it, which obscured the view of the houses and establishments behind them and the intersecting streets that crossed it. On the distance, the huge tree the kind merchant Cotonee they encountered in the forest described as ‘the hallmark of Havenwick’ could be seen. Meaning that they’ve arrived at the correct town, so… ''This is weird,'' Galbin began, voicing their concern, ''we’re at the right town but… it is as if no one lived here...'' ''Yeah...'' she stepped ahead and whirled her head absently at the place. Letting out a noise of frustration –or amusement? –, she half-turned back to say in a tone that, indeed, sounded pretty amused, ''If it weren’t for that nice girl back there, I’d swear we’ve just arrived at a ghost town'' A shudder coursed through Galbin’s body, flattening their ears against their skull. ''I… really hope not; we’ve had enough fighting as it is...'' That earned a snort from the Fomantis, whose attention was drawn to her side. ''I don’t know, Galb,'' Quyn shrugged as she strolled closer to one of the stands, ‘’I’m itching to blow some steam right now. A ghost or two right now doesn’t sound half bad,'' she whirled to flash them a friendly smirk. Which only caused then to, subtly, recoil futher. Thankfully, Quyn seemed to drop the issue with a shrug. They saw her hop onto the countertop with spread wings and perching there to peer inside in search of, well, anyone really. Deciding to do the same –and ignore her comment, Galbin approached a different booth and, standing on their rear legs, they leaned on its counter to get a better view of the place. All the Numel found was an abandoned booth, several utensils scattered unceremoniously over a table along with a large plate that held a few dark slices and a half-cut larger piece of what appeared to be a cake of sorts. An approaching light flutter of wings brought their attention to their side, where Quyn had just landed on the countertop to look in there too. ''Found anything here?'' she asked, her interest falling on the table. Galbin shook their head in response. Removing themselves from the counter, they then moved away a bit from the stand in order to glance again at what little could be seen of the inner town, all while saying ''maybe they’ve all stayed in their homes? Or gathered somewhere else?''
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