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So, I went ahead and trimmed my journal a little. It seemed like the better option rather than full-on purging the thing. Regardless this also means that I have some sort of disgusting duty to actually post in this 'journal' and to keep it alive, what better way than to do that than complain about the vocal minority and how there is a fear of the forums due to the said minority? It wasn't always like this, I remember that. People would certainly do it offsite - which is fine and their prerogative. But slowly and slowly I've seen there be a growth of for a lack of a better word 'cancer' that has been affecting this website - or in particular the forums. All it takes is a few to become the face of the forum. And when the face of the forum is 'hate' then it leads to this. Heck, not even staff are immune to it. Not that we should be, but it says a lot when folks have the machoness to do what they do. Part of me applauds that, other times not so much. It's good to be forward and feel comfortable enough to talk to a member of staff on how you think the situation should be avoided/improved. Or how certain parts of the forum should be looked into and approved. That's what makes a site grow and become better - right? So why isn't that working here? Honestly, I think we need to be stricter on how we handle things. I know, I know - people already assume we throw the ban hammer down at the mere sight of someone sneezing. We don't. I guess that explains why said people who cause issues are still around, though the ignorant won't put two and two together and just assume 'not doing their job' - oh we do. We just believe in second chances. And it's hard to remove someone for being 'malicious' or 'rude' when it's kind of difficult to tell if such things were meant. Ah, to have tone actually display through text... for all of us to speak the same language clearly and not suffer from language barriers. Impractical wishes and wants. So I sit there and think, well how are we going to solve it? What do you do when there's a group of people who repeatedly cause issues because we give them a platform to be vocal? This is where things get tricky, human rights and all that - though you need to remember that one of those good old laws, the right to free speech doesn't work on this website - we're not the government. So if it doesn't apply here, because a) this isn't an American based website and b) we're not the chuffing government, then why aren't you silencing people who are a problem? Ah, my friend - then this rolls back to the issue before, some folks aren't trying to be an issue - there are problems that need to be taken into account. But something has to be done. And if it means that I have to be branded the bad guy and start taking away peoples privileges in regards to the forum for the benefit of the website as a whole, then I will. We need fresh voices, we need people to not be afraid of the forums and to talk but to actually approach people with respect rather than being on their guard and seeing the worst in everyone - twisting their words. ...but if we're more 'strict' on the forums, wouldn't that make users more scared they're going to step out of line? I suppose so. People will always tend to view us as the PFQ equivalent of 'big brother'. I think we need to work on small things first, where the whole report feature needs to be changed a little. We need to make it clear that reports don't always mean that the person you're reporting is going to be in trouble. But more than you're simply notifying staff of something that you're not so sure of. Okay, so we made it more acceptable and less 'scary' for people to report one another, they now know that reporting isn't so bad and they shouldn't feel bad for doing it. What then? What else can we do to have improve the community - the forums? I had some ideas; Bring back the star system but also have stars give rewards; I loved the star system, and I feel that the star system should be brought back. People who give amazing posts that are worthy of merit. Not posts that agree with staffs point of view etc, but ones that are open-minded - that show everything that needs to be told. A post that is simply well thought out, professional etc. And I believe GP should be rewarded for such posts, GP that is given when you earn a Gold Star. Report Rewards; I know, this sounds weird right? You were rewarded for catching people out and reporting them. But I honestly think this should be a thing. People should be rewarded for coming forward and bringing things to light. The staff team is a small team and we need all the help we can get. If that means we have to reward people for amazing reports then let's do it. Good reports earn stars. Suggestion Rewards; I think good suggestions should also earn stars, rewards given etc! Feedback Rewards; Yet again, gold stars. Gold stars are awesome and they should be used! I want the gold stars back! The issue I see in this is that we're not always going to see those amazing posts and we, the staff need to be ready to give them out. And to make things more fun, well those who have the most gold stars every so often should get a big reward that is actually worth getting! Or better yet, every year? That's one person per year. Imagine how amazing that reward could be? I don't know, these are just thoughts while I lay here and sigh over the forums and how much better it could be - we just need to reach for it and come up with ways to improve it.
♔ Fahrum Dahdi
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