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"Well that was admittingly frightful..." Baya gasped, grasping his chest and feeling his own thumping heart. "She gets more 'lively' by the day. It really makes me worry..." he continued, talking low enough to where only Pokemon near him could hear. Bayaruel cleared his throat and held his hand up to gather the attention of the murmuring crowd. "Excuse me dear citizens! Do not worry about the safety of your children! We will take utmost consideration to their well being by making sure their work around the guild will be in no way harmful towards them. They will only be able to go out on actual missions when they've proven they are ready to enter dungeons." It was never really a strict policy that the guild lived by. Before then, all a child would have to do is look old enough to enter a dungeon, and prove it knew what a battle was. No one ever seriously got hurt this way thankfully, so they never saw a reason to chance the method. Now, with dear Abagail instilling fear in to the townsfolk, Bayaruel realized that they had to be more cautious about these things. Times are changing, the wild Pokemon are getting more dangerous. Children who wish to enter dungeons have to show that they can take a few hits while dishing out twice as much back. They can no longer take the easy way with their Guild Member's lives at stake. Abagail had already teleported out of sight as the small Zunamo asked her their question. Even if she had sticked around to listen, she would of still teleported away right after telling Baske where she can go take a hike. Child or Adult, you were going to be treated the same way no matter what by her. Mr. Damian had already signed up Simmia, and was now on to the next Pokemon that was behind her. There wasn't many Pokemon in the line at the moment, as the Loudour known as Samba hadn't started announcing to everyone that sign-ups were ending. Still, Simmia walked away with a smile. That Smeargle had used his tail in place of a pen; rather strange of him to do so, but given the fact the Litwick hadn't seen no sign of another writing device nearby, it was probably the best he could do. Judging by his Blue badge covered in more blue paint around the copper edges, Simmia was aware that he wasn't the other Guildmaster or another higher-up. Once again, strange, but she didn't ponder on it for much longer, as she realized that now she had to wait until night for them to make the announcements they so desperately wanted to make. And waitting to her means time to sleep. And that's just what she was going to do. But, what if she was still asleep when the guildmembers entered the building and she was sleeping outside? Uncle Reuniclus would think she was already inside when he left, making her have to go the way he went and have to face him with the news that she missed the announcement. Well, screw that. Her little tush scuttled towards the front door of the agency, and she went on inside. Looking around for a place to put herself into as to not accidently trip someone like she has seven times before, she went to a potted plant next to the entrance to the mapping room and hopped on to the dirt. Not exactly private, but it would work with the nice shading the flora gave off.
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