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Single post in Sanity Not Included: RPDS&T {NEW POLL (2)}

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Xander evolves and a new challe- character appears

Xander, while visiting the bird field, found that he evolved into a Lucario. He was quite surprised, and headed to his home field, a very blue field that contained a lot of blue Pokémon. When he got there, he saw a new face. A Lopunny, emitting a purple glow similar to the color of a Koffing. Xander immediately hid his face, being rather bashful. He had always shown an interest in Pokémon similar to him, and this Lopunny was just that. Later, the two had an encounter when Xander decided to see what the group was doing. The Lopunny seemed to have slid in with Mauris and Chrome, and had been chatting when Xander had walked past and stumbled. The Lopunny bounded over, obviously worried. She helped Xander up, and as Xander got a closer look at her, it turned out that she was a he! Xander immediately covered his face in shame. Why did he assume her gender?! "Are you OK?" The Lopunny asked in a soft voice, that was admittedly feminine and high pitched. "...Yeah..." Xander replied, his face still red. "Um.. just so you know.. my name is Toxian.." The Lopunn- I mean Toxian said, before awkwardly backing away and fading back into his previous group. Xander didn't want to admit it, but he liked Toxian. A lot As in more than friends like. Xander didn't know what to do.
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