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Single post in Sanity Not Included: RPDS&T {NEW POLL (2)}

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Gelly remains pure and the others try to change that

Gelly, one of the newest children, was blubbing around, being adorable like Solosis are. She was too pure for this world, and everyone else knew it, so they decided to try to change that. Gelly was currently playing with Xander and Astra, Astra being the Kinaster. The group of children were playing a game of tag, and Chrome decided to go attempt to tell them how babies were made. Ruunning up to them, Chrome casually spoke. "Hey kids, wanna know how babies are ma--" But suddenly, Pearl had sicced himself upon Chrome and let out a roar. It was a surprise his crown stayed on. Pearl dragged Chrome away despise Chrome being Mega Evolved, and the Fluxray went back to their pride. A short time later, Lucio, who had been watching, decided to try the same thing. Trotting to the now tired children, he started to execute his plan. "Babies are made when tw--" This time is was Mauris who intervened, despite his usually timid nature. He smacked Lucio away in one swoop of his tail, sending the fiery Arcanine running and Mauris chasing him. It was Frost's turn to try and destroy Gelly's pure mind, and he had the perfect plan. He made sure nobody but the children were nearby and then he went out confidently. "Babiesaremadewhen--" He started. "Ooh I know!! A Delibird brings eggs to mommies and daddies!!" Gelly said, causing Frost to slump to the ground in a cute defeat as the children ran off. Moral of the story: Gelly will always stay pure.
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