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TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
About me
Nicks: Tune, Blue Chicken, csirek
mispelled chicken "csirke" in Hungarian, with small capital
Real name: Tünde Country: Hungary (server time +1) Age: 26 Birthday: 11th of January (Capricorn) Jung-test: ISTJ/INTJ Pokesona: a delta fighting blue Torchic (who would be a Fire/Dark pokemon without the delta typing)
Pic made by my wonderfully amazing irl friend Inkydoc! Go check her out~
Hello~! So this should be some proper introduction of myself. Very well. I am the Crazy Blue Chicken™, a 26 years old gal from Hungary, who is really depressed nowadays. I am trying to find myself again recently, because somewhere in the last years I've lost my own self, which is made a big hole in my heart and made me really depressed. Now I am trying hard to find the light and pushing, to come out of it alive~ Wish me luck. :D Setting the depressing things aside, I am really into A:tla & LoK, Steven Universe, Harry Potter, Star Wars, She-Ra and Rick and Morty. I used to watch tons of animes, but things happened (mostly the awful last year of the University as a japanese major), and I've lost my fire towards them. But I really love the japanese culture and language, altought I am not very good at the latter, but I can say a thing or two in japanese ;) Recently I am into programming and coding, altought I still have to learn a lot, because I am self-tought and lacking some basics. I'd like to have a course soon and trying to get a job in this field. I enjoy reading
mostly books with fantasy and sci-fi theme
books and comics, watching series, playing videogames, role playing and sometimes writing and more rarely drawing, because I convienced myself that I am bad at these last two activities... I was on PF1 with the username Tune-chan, I had a fun time, until I was banned after some weeks because I was too good and suspicious XD I wrote a ticket and got back my account months later, and was very active back then (because clicking on PF was more comforting than studying to my exams XD), but then PFQ happened, and I was really salty to start everything all over again, so after PFQ opened, I went hiatus shortly after, because everything was not bad but really different. The farming was forgotten, until my Love started to play regularly again (she wasn't really active on PF1, but PFQ felt better for her :D), and first I clicked to get her some Mega Stones on the 10th Massclick Weekend back in 2015 May. It was the matter of time and I was playing again steadily. :D There were a little hiatus between 2018 jan/feb-2018 july because of anxiety, depression, and other delicious irl things, but I am back at it again, hoarding my precious delta fighting babs and starting fresh with my specials collection in a whole~ :D If we are at it, I love Fighting type pokés now with a passion, it started with the Machop-line back in the early 2000s. :D Machoke is my all time favourite fighting type, and was an odd one out of my favourite pokés: all of the others were fire and later dark types as well. With Hoenn, Torchic came and with him my everlasting love towards that little fire chick. I am actively hoarding them, and building a fire chick army >:3 I'll hunt them eventually, but I have to build up my credits pile first becuase I do not want to release them x'D I have a thing for dog-shaped pokés as well, such as Growlithe, Arcanine, Poochyena, Mightyena, Entei, Houndoom, Lillipup and newly Rockruff (and Kenyip, ohmysweetArceus, the Kenyip-line...!), but I like the Electrike-line, Absol, my favourite fairy godfather Snubbull and his bodyguard Granbull, the majestic Furfrou, and I like to include the Zorua-line here as well. I have other favourites that came with all the time I spent with playing pokemon roms and/or on PF1/PFQ, here is a little list of them all... Okay, not all, but come on. I like about 50-75 pokemon at minimum. XD

30 random PFQ habits of mine

  1. I try to at least party click back most of the time.
  2. If you don’t have anything in your party, I usually go and click your first field (or your second, too if you don’t have at least 6 in the first)
  3. I often shelterhunt to max out my Shelter Pass star.
  4. I am always willing to help with trade evos, just label it and I’ll gift back the pokemon untouched!
  5. I like browsing the trade forums, but not the shops. ^^”
  6. I’ll most likely rescue any Combusken/Blaziken from the shelter if I have the field space. I used to adopt them all, but I renewed my collection and released all that weren't 'special' to me in some way. ^^"
  7. If I have spare shelter adopts, I like to adopt variants/exclusives/revived fossils/lvl 100/evolved by stone pokés and simple trade evos to wondertrade them off. Or ready to evolve pokés – there are a tons of ready to evolve pokés by leveling in the shelter released by others...! D:
  8. I want to collect breeding pairs of all breedable pokés with at least one parent of Impish/Brave/Sassy (and in special cases Quiet) natures.
  9. I like to add edits to my journal. I am awful tho and have half-finished posts because of it.
  10. I don’t care how much you clicked me. If you are on my clickback list, I’ll click you back. (I’ll just use mean look on you while I am clicking if you can’t click all 6 in my party...)
  11. I try to always have a full party if I can.
  12. I like to try click all online users’ parties. It makes me feel satisfied when I click the open 10 button and it goes to my page c:
  13. If I catch you filling your party with eggs, I’ll usually wait and spamming F5 until you have a full party~
  14. Sometimes I barely click 1k a day, but other times I chase pokerus and doing random massclicks (mostly on some of my friend’s fields) while trying to click every online user makind 30k+ interactions a day.
  15. I usually buy Zc in every month.
  16. I use several css modifier to enhance my farming experience :D (such as an autostacker, easy party mass-clicks, sheltergrid, bigger eggs of my hunt, special poke finder in the shelter...etc. mostly from <HERE>)
  17. I always labeling my trades and say ’thank you’, when offering on one...
  18. I like wondertrading trade evos naming them ’I am ready to evolve’. :D
  19. I will never wondertrade non special pokés. At least sending out rare genders, but that is the rarest.
  20. I like to watch the statistics page to see where am I. I’d like to be on the top100 in most of them. c: See my progress here.
  21. I am lowkey obsessed making tables and lists for the journal usually in notepad XD
  22. If I get 25k or the increment of 25k credits, I'll put it away to my moneysafe. Making my life miserable when I do trades, paying with currency and forgot to get them back before clicking the trade *facepalm*
  23. I like lurking in other users journal... c:
  24. I like making breeding pairs, I have 3+ fields of exclusives with different OTs to mix and match. (I had...) I won't do less than 96% tho, and I am always try to improve my pair collection to have them all at 98-99% (with Impish/Brave/Sassy(/Quiet) natures)
  25. Gardening is the bane of my existence, I've always forgot to water them berries.
  26. I lowkey hate tournaments. I don't like most of the tasks, and I don't like the fact that it makes me doing things that I don't wanna to keep up and collect fakemons/tokens.
  27. I am awful when it's come to hunting - I won't add the specials (shinies, albinos and in some cases even melans!) to my collections unless it is bred by me with the right nature.
  28. I like to make Totem mons. I don't know it is just satisfying when all of the stickers have found and the mon change it's forme... c:
  29. I have way too many messy hidden fields... >.> Roughly 25% of my fields are hidden ^^"
  30. There is not enough fields, like, ever. I've collecting too many things... It is almost 1 mil per field ON A DUSKY DAY now ><
I've always liked the pokemon natures Brave, Impish and Sassy (and Quiet), because I think I can identify myself with them. XD I have 3 'personalities' in my head: Tune, the original one, who is the Brave one of the brunch, a real gryffindor; Saku, the optimist and fun-loving, pranking 'Impish'-self; and the quiet, but rather sharped-tongued Sassy Natsu, who has all of the extreme moods and moodswings. (Note: I do not have personality disorder, this whole thing is just my headcanon (got it? haha), the by-product of my vivid fantasies :D) I like puns. I like pun-ishing people with my puntastic puns. I am not as good in english as in hungarian, but I am awful nonetheless. XD Music is my life's driving force, without music I can barely function (and music saved my life quite literally when I had suicidal thoughts). I usually love Symphonic Metal and the whole Metal genre in general, but I regularly listen Rock music, too, and had a very serious J-rock/Visual Key period (Gackt was my god) in my life. :D Also listened some K-pop back in the days (I loved Shinee
RIP Jonghyun, you were and always be my favourite <333
with a passion, and I like a couple of songs of other boybands), and I have so many guilty pleasure pop songs. XD My newly found favourite is Steam Powered Giraffe, they were there when I was in the deepest depression and saved me countless of times with their cheerful, silly and fantastic music and performances~ A never thought I'll have a robot crush
especially that I am very lesbian
as the person of The Spine, and Bunny is a real inspiration! <333
Avatar is made by HotTubz ordered here. Collecting (mostly) missing and special deltas + deltas for Trebor! Pm me, please~ <3 ~*~*~¤~*~*~
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