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Single post in Vall's F2U S/A/M/D Bait (Taking Requests)

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ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
ValleryP's Avatar

~Open For Requests~

~Coming Soon~

You may request these in order to get them done faster if you want to. Victini Alolan Sandshrew Beast Maravol Mawile

Added/ Updates


30/May/2019~ Ducklett 27/May/2019~ Skiddo 26/May/2019~ Solosis 25/May/2019~ Sawsbuck
Melan All Seasons and GIF
22/May/2019~ Salazzle 10/May/2019~ Kricketot 05/May/2019~ Stufful 04/May/2019~ Melan Darkrai update
based off of the minisprite
03/May/2019~ Lillipup and Furret


27/Apr/2019~ Diancie
23/Apr/2019~ Cranidos 20/Apr/2019~ Litten, Snivy, and Hoopa
14/Apr/2019~ Delibird and Snorlax


26/Mar/2019~ Melan Cosmog 01/Mar/2019~ Sandshrew


06/Feb/2019~ Cleffa 02/Feb/2019~ Cubchoo and Vullaby


28/Jan/2019~ Manaphy 25/Jan/2019~ Phione 21/Jan/2019~ Zorua and Litwick 19/Jan/2019~ Lotad and Munchlax 16/Jan/2019~ Growlithe (Recolor) and Male Meditite (Albino Recolor) 15/Jan/2019~ Shinx and Bunbori (recolor) 06/Jan/2019~ Ralts



28/Dec/2018~ Mew (Melanistic
Official Colors. Discovered by Espyria
), Tyrantrum (Shiny/Albino), and Paras 26/Dec/2018~ Rayquaza (Melanistic)
Elta discovered it!
19/Dec/2018~ Croagunk (Male & Female) 17/Dec/2018~ Rayquaza (Shiny/Albino) 15/Dec/2018~ Castform (Albino/Melanistic), Corphish (Albino/Melanistic), Groudon (Albino/Melanistic), and Jirachi (Albino/Melanistic) 12/Dec/2018~ Axew, Deino, Poochyena (Albino/Melanistic), Female Meditite (Albino/Melanistic), Male (Melanistic), and Swablu (Albino/Melanistic) 9/Dec/2018~ Apocalyptic Poochyena, Reshiram (Melanistic)
Official colors
, Rattata (Albino/Melanistic), Updated (Albino/Melan): Treecko, Torchic, Absol, Trapinch, and Zigzagoon 7/Dec/2018~ Melan Tyrantrum 3/Dec/2018~ Shiny Rattata


24/Nov/2018~ Vulpix 18/Nov/2018~ Shinxel 8/Nov/2018~ Quagsire and Cinccino 7/Nov/2018~ Trapinch, Gible (F), Gible (M), and Sandile 5/Nov/2018~ Amaura 4/Nov/2018~ Zigzagoon 2/Nov/2018~ Ho-oh


31/Oct/2018~ Cyndaquil 30/Oct/2018~ Gragon and Caterpie 29/Oct/2018~ Taiveret, Meowstic, Sneasel, and Bergmite 25/Oct/2018~ Groudon 22/Oct/2018~ Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin 19/Oct/2018~ Umbreon 17/Oct/2018~ Swablu and Lycanroc (Dusk Forme) 15/Oct/2018~ Nidoran (F), Nidoran (M), and Skrelp 12/Oct/2018~ Darkrai and Noibat 10/Oct/2018~ Articuno and Castform
Shiny and Albino only
9/Oct/2018~ Giratina and Reshiram 6/Oct/2018~ Gastly, Absol, and Rockruff 5/Oct/2018~ Corphish and Chespin 2/Oct/2018~ Pansage, Panpour, and Mew


30/Sep/2018~ Heracross and Eevee 29/Sep/2018~ Solynx and Buizel 28/Sep/2018~ Kenyip 26/Sep/2018~ All Region's Melans have been Updated. 25/Sep/2018~ Pansear 24/Sep/2018~ Male Combee, Female Meditite, and Kanto Region's Melans have been Updated. 23/Sep/2018~ Hydreigon 20/Sep/2018~ Shaymin 19/Sep/2018~ Ekans, Early Bird Natu, Riolu, and Cosmog
Shiny and Albino only
17/Sep/2018~ Kinaster and Treecko 16/Sep/2018~ Sewaddle 14/Sep/2018~ Terabbit
Shiny and Albino only
13/Sep/2018~ Buneary, Wagell, and Magearna
Shiny and Albino only
12/Sep/2018~ Bunbori, Minibbit, and Pidove 10/Sep/2018~ Hoothoot, Pyukumuku, and Petilil 9/Sep/2018~ Male Meditite, and Female Combee 8/Sep/2018~ Mimikyu, Celbi, and Unown A 6/Sep/2018~ Popplio and Blophin 5/Sep/2018~ Tirtouga, Froakie, Chinchou, and Piplup 2/Sep/2018~ Mareep 1/Sep/2018~ Salandit


15/Dec/2018~ Finished updating the Hoenn Region's Albino/Melanistic baits. 17/Oct/2018~ Added Delta Bait Section. 26/Sep/2018~ Finished updating the Melan Sparkles. 24/Sep/2018~ Decided to change the Melan Sparkles from Grey to Purple. 19/Sep/2018~ Added Variants section in the Bait 10/Sep/2018~ Revamped the Bait section so that the S/A/M/D are in tabs to make it a little less scrolling. 9/Sep/2018~ Added the option for a GIF Bait and Form 2/Sep/2018~ Added Advertiseing banners 31/Aug/2018~ Grand Opening

Thank you For Your Requests~

I want to thank the following people for requesting:


ÁSHlëyØäk12~ Rockruff Athena Cykes~ Kenyip


BluestarFøx67~ Combee and Meditite BoiBoiBoi~ Croagunk Branble1996~ Bunbori, Minibbit, Magearna, Terrabit, Taiveret and Meowstic bulbasaurOWO~ Delibird and Ducklett


calvinvincnt~ Axew and Deino


damienwithadee~ Umbreon Dawnfrost246~ Vulpix D33RG0D5~ Cubone, Cranidos, and Sawsbuck
All seasons
Deïno~ Solynx DistørtiønRãid~ Absol, Giratina, Reshiram, Darkrai, Noibat, and Yveltal Doctor Sawbones~ Hydreigon and Rayquaza


FantabulousFelix~ Snorlax FinalAbsolution~ Ho-oh FrostyMew~ Snivy, Nidoran
Male/Female together
, and Salazzle


Gdyfufi~ Solosis Giant-Cat~ Shinx Gonplei~ Apocalyptic Poochyena


Iceland~ Pidove Inconspicuous~ Salandit and Mareep


Jalakins~ Buneary, Treecko, Corphish, Groudon, Munchlax, and Kricketot


Lakaishia~ Mawile and Mega Mawile LeviTehLillipup~ Lillipup Luna Equine~ Ponyta and Furret LunaOokami~Diancie and Stufful


M7890~ Hoopa MarkNever~ Lotad MeloNeko~ Flarbat


NotMatt~ Chespin Nyna Azura~ Sneasel and Bergmite


Pokestar223~ Lycanroc (Dusk Forme) PupperCakes~ Buizel, Eevee, Gragon, Shinxel, and Cleffa


Rainbow565656~ Zigzagoon RatKing~ Quagsire and Kanto Rattata Røyalfrøgs~ Heracross


SaviorKing~ Tyrantrum ShinyYena~ Sylveon, Espeon, Flareon & Leafeon SkylarWolf~ Caterpie SñøwyMøüñtïñ~ Articuno, Castform, Swablu, and Cinccino SuikinStar~ Skiddo


trick-r-treason~ Porygon Z and Trubbish Trixx~ Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin


wíndmíre~ Ralts


Zakuro~ Zorua, Cubchoo, and Vullaby
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