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Suríya's AvatarSuríya
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Stats & Information Type: Gender: Female only Catch Rate: 7% Length: 60ft (18.3m) Pokedex Color: Yellow/Blue Berry Preference: Spicy Nature: Naughty
(Click above to go to full-size reference image with color palette) Milonair is a Dragon and Water type pokemon found only in the region of Pokefarm. It evolves from Feetini at level 77 and has no currently discovered mega-forme. BIOLOGY Milonair is a long, serpent-like Pokemon with almost sandy-colored scales over the first 2/3 of her body. The last third of her body is black, with green and blue diamond shaped scaling that ends in a fan-style tail of matching green and blue. Three orbs made of Fire Opal are present at her throat and the base of her tail and lend to her mystical abilities. Milonair's head is adorned with a long horn and large wings that are white and swirl at the base. These wings grow to allow flight. Milonair gives off an aura that is different to each who encounter her, depending entirely on the character of the person. Generally that aura is somewhat chaotically calm, but if you are on her bad side, it will feel unpleasant to be around and emit a desire to educate you against your current path. (Rule-breakers beware!) Milonair tends to be a solitary creature, preferring the company of very few others and is slow to make friends or acquaintances with others. Extremely introverted by nature. ORIGIN It is said that only one Milonair exists at one time. When it is ready to leave this realm it will go into a state of deep meditation where it does not eat or interact with the outside world. On the 77th day after it enters this state, during the full moon in a blue hole in the deep ocean, Miloniar will emit a mystical song, fade in shadow and leave behind a opalescent colored egg that hatches no sooner than 7 weeks later. HABITAT Milonair can usually be found where there is deep water, warm sun and lots of tasty food available. Legend has it that this serpent feeds only on the wicked and has a very slow metabolism. When not in the water, Milonair prefer to sunbathe undisturbed for long periods of time (no less than 7 hours a day, not including sleep time). To evade irritants, Milonair will often propel itself into the deepest recesses of the open ocean and camouflage in the sandy depths. It is not uncommon to see a whirlpool form during the dive into the deep water. She can often be coaxed out of hiding with offers of chocolate or tea. But only Chai tea. And only dark chocolate. POKEDEX ENTRY Milonair is a serpentine creature that seems to have an affinity with variations of the number 7. Little is known about it, though it is said to feed only on the wicked. BATTLE MOVESET & INFORMATION Toxic (Poison type/Non-Damaging): Badly poisons the target. (Acc: 90%) Scald (Water type/Special): 30% chance to burn the target. Thaws the user. (Acc: 100%) Protect (Normal type: Non-Damaging) Prevents anything from working on the user that turn.
Use of Protect after previously using it, Detect, Endure, King's Shield, Spiky Shield, Wide Guard, or Quick Guard cuts the move's success rate to 33% of its previous value, capping at a minimum of 0.1%. Z-Moves are able to pass through Protect, but only deal 25% of their original damage. Priority +4. Z-Effect: Removes the user's negative stat changes.
Recover (Normal type/Non-Damaging): Heals 50% of the user's max HP. (Acc: ---) Held Item: Leftovers
Heals 1/16 of max HP each turn.
Ability: Contary
Makes stat changes have an opposite effect. This Ability inverts all changes to the stat stages of a Pokémon with this Ability; if an effect would lower a stat, it is increased instead, and if an effect would increase a stat, it is decreased instead. Effects that change a Pokémon's stats without affecting stat stages, such as burn and paralysis, are not affected by Contrary.
Hidden Ability: Dazzling
Surprises the opposing Pokémon, making it unable to attack using priority moves. If an opponent uses a priority move (including moves boosted by Prankster, Gale Wings or Triage) that targets the Pokémon with Dazzling or its allies, Dazzling prevents the Pokémon from executing that move (PP is still consumed). When this occurs, the text "{Pokémon} cannot use {Move}!" is displayed.
BASE STATS HP: 95 Attack: 60 Defense: 79 Sp. Atk: 150 Sp. Def: 125 Speed: 91 TRAINED EVs HP: 252 Defense: 76 Sp. Atk: 172 Sp. Def: 5 Speed: 5 TRIVIA & LORE * Originally discovered by Shazi * Milonair can fly despite its large size. Enlarged wings on her head aid in this, appearing to not need any other assistance to do so. * There is an affinity with the number 7. (Evolves at 77, sleeps 7hrs during the sunny part of the day, mediates 77 days before producing its heir, heir hatches after no less than 7 weeks, catch rate of 7% for those who are lucky, hammer weapon of choice weighs 77lbs...)
Permission to create Feetini/Milonair Art... Please be aware that there is a blanket permission to create images of my sona, provided that the images are site-appropriate and that I get a copy of the art for my own collection of my sona.
{ Credits }
Template not free to use, for Suriya's use only; made by BananaLizard and edited by Suriya. Milonair Art done by BananaLizard for my use only~. Milonair species concept (c)Suriya and Shazi for Suriya's use only
Current Hunt: Shiny Hunt: Deoxys! Chain Length: 200 -- Shinies Hatched: 4
Gems by Cele
All hunt shinies and albinos can be found for sale in Snek's Black Market. No trade PMs please.
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