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Stats & Information Type: Gender: Female only Catch Rate: 7% Length: 3.2ft (1m) Pokedex Color: Yellow/Blue Berry Preference: Sour Nature: Impish
(Click above to go to full-size reference image with color palette) Feetini is a Dragon and Water type pokemon found only in the region of Pokefarm. It evolves into Milonair at level 77 after a very long period of strengthening itself. It is very weak when it hatches! BIOLOGY Feetini is a very small, serpentine creature that is a fraction of the size of its evolved form. Not much is known about this pokemon, but it is thought that when it hatches it is weaker than Magikarp and Feebas combined. The body of Feetini is mostly light-tan in color, speckled with light and dark blue spots. The end of its body ends in blue and it is propelled in the water by a large tail. Fins adorn the upper half of her body and aid in Feetini's speed in the water. Though the pokemon has small wings and can float-fly for short periods, the preferred medium for this illusive creature is the water. While young, Feetini is an intensely curious pokemon who is prone to overworking herself to gain strength and speed. It is not uncommon for Feetini to swim up to other species it has not seen in order to examine them. Humans are a curiosity, but also scary! Feetini will rarely approach humans -- if at all. Feetini prefers the company of other small pokemon or those pokemon that can teach it new methods to get stronger and gain levels. Extroverted Introvert is the best way to describe this personality. ORIGIN The egg of a Feetini can only be found when a Milonair has entered its meditative state and faded from the realm. A pokemon or human would have to be exploring a blue hole in the ocean in order to even have a chance of coming across the opalescent egg. This egg hatches only after 7 weeks have passed since it was created. Once hatched, Feetini have an intensely curious nature and will seek out new pokemon and experiences from all over the ocean. HABITAT Feetini adores populated waters full of pokemon it has never seen before. While it has the ability to float-fly, it is rare that you will see Feetini on land (if ever!). It much prefers warm waters where the sun can filter down and warm them. Reefs are the best place to discover this little prankster. It is not uncommon to find that Feetini will sleep in the den of an eel or of its own making after learning this habit from the creatures. Small serpents need to be safe too! Gummis are the best way to lure out Feetini, but only Royal gummis! These will either be eaten, or hoarded as her special treasure. POKEDEX ENTRY Feetini is very illusive and a bit of a prankster. It finds great pleasure in teasing humans who mistake its tail for a Mermaid's tail. BATTLE MOVESET & INFORMATION Dragon Dance (Dragon/Non-Damaging): Boosts the user's Attack and Speed by one stage each. Outrage (Dragon/Physical): Repeats for two to three turns. Confuses user at the end. (Acc: 100%) Extreme Speed (Normal/Physical) Priority +2. (Acc: 100%) Iron Tail (Steel/Physical): 30% chance to lower the target's Defense by one stage. (Acc: 75%) Held Item: Life Orb
Boosts power by 30% but makes the holder take 10% recoil each turn it attacks.
Ability: Huge Power
Doubles Attack
Hidden Ability: Multiscale
Reduces damage by 50% if the wielder is at full health.
BASE STATS HP: 77 Attack: 100 Defense: 60 Sp. Atk: 100 Sp. Def: 60 Speed: 65 TRAINED EVs Attack: 244 Sp.Def: 36 Speed: 216 TRIVIA & LORE * Has not been discovered * It can fly, but prefers to stay submerged in water. Small fins assist it with speed. * Hatches at the base of a blue hole in the ocean and must work on its strength to escape it. * There is an affinity with the number 7. (Evolves at 77, sleeps 7hrs during the sunny part of the day, mediates 77 days before producing its heir, heir hatches after no less than 7 weeks, catch rate of 7% for those who are lucky, hammer weapon of choice weighs 77lbs...)
Permission to create Feetini/Milonair Art... Please be aware that there is a blanket permission to create images of my sona, provided that the images are site-appropriate and that I get a copy of the art for my own collection of my sona.
{ Credits }
Template not free to use, for Suriya's use only; made by BananaLizard and edited by Suriya. Milonair Art done by BananaLizard for my use only~. Milonair species concept (c)Suriya and Shazi for Suriya's use only
Hunting: Pasovan for Mlems! Chain Length: 175 -- Shinies Hatched: 3
Gems by Belial
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