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Tab 1 Code here: PasteBin DO NOT copy the code from this post. I will link soon to the code for you to use. Grimmew Not visited link
Tab 2

What is hiding here?

Words that’s what!

Oh a Display?

Words More words….

Accordion Example 1

Contents here 1

Accordion Example 2

Contents here 2

Accordion Example 3

Contents here 3
Tab 3 What secret? (hover to find out!)
I will never tell!
5/11 So close!
Tab 4


Looks like this Serra’s Link

QUOTE originally posted by Grimmew

Holding spot for template example…
Tab 5 Words

Stackbox Example 1

Example of what a stackbox would look like if you used one in this.

Stackbox Example 2

Use with CAUSTION!

Stackbox Example 3

Yes be careful with these.
Tab 6
Example Table 1
will look Link test
More th Link
And more td Not visited link Serra
Example Table 2
Example Words
Examples here
Another Example See how cool?
That’s right
Here you will find all credits for this template. Top background image, official TCG art. Fairy Energy images, official TCG art. Icon is from Bulbapedia’s Sylveon page. Main background is made by Grimmew.
Template free to use. Made by Grimmew.
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