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Temp Hunts These are hunts I'm doing for breaks from my main hunt. I stick them when I want to go back to my main hunt.

Temp Scaracross Hunt

837 15 9 1.[4A(M)] 2.[19A(M)] 3.[51A(F)] 4.[92S(F)] 5.[94S(F)] 6.[117S(M)] 7.[144S(M)] 8.[153S(F)] 9.[217S(M)] 10.[287S(F)] 11.[298A(M)] 12.[302S(M)] 13.[342S(F)] 14.[357S(M)] 15.[394A(F)] 16.[438S(F)] 17.[463S(M)] 18.[571A(F)] 19.[591A(F)] 20.[651S(M)] 21.[667S(F)] 22.[676A(M)] 23.[749S(M)] 24.[756A(M)]

Temp Ekans Hunt

1788 42 36 3 Troll Parties: 3 1.[34S(F)] 2.[49S(F)] 3.[70S(F)] 4.[91S(F)] 5.[93S(M)] 6.[101S(F)] 7.[156S(M)] 8.[159S(F)] 9.[188A(M)] 10.[189A(F)] 11.[258S(M)] 12.[397A(F)] 13.[454M(M)] 14.[464A(M)] 15.[495S(M)] 16.[501A(F)] 17.[521A(F)] 18.[559A(M)] 19.[560S(F)] 20.[572S(M)] 21.[573S(M)] 22.[580A(F)] 23.[600A(F)] 24.[622A(F)] 25.[626S(F)] 26.[627A(F)] 27.[645S(M)] 28.[649A(F)] 29.[667A(F)] 30.[669S(M)] 31.[691S(F)] 32.[760S(M)] 33.[797S(F)] 34.[813A(M)] 35.[835S(M)] 36.[871A(F)] 37.[882S(F)] 38.[884A(F)] 39.[892S(M)] 40.[901S(F)] 41.[913S(F)] 42.[927S(F)] 43.[921M(F)] 44.[937A(F)] 45.[1,006A(M)] 46.[1,020A(F)] 47.[1,030A(M)] 48.[1080S(F)] 49.[1097S(F)] 50.[1129S(M)] 51.[1150A(F)] 52.[1149S(M)] 53.[1162A(F)] 54.[1182S(F)] 55.[1186M(F)] 56.[1220S(F)] 57.[1243A(F)] 58.[1267S(M)] 59.[1270A(M)] 60.[1272A(F)] 61.[1280S(M)] 62.[1310S(F)] 63.[1351A(M)] 64.[1406A(F)] 65.[1427S(F)] 66.[1433S(F)] 67.[1443A(M)] 68.[1507S(M)] 69.[1527S(F)] 70.[1594A(F)] 71.[1666A(F)] 72.[1695A(F)] 73.[1731S(F)] 74.[1777A(M)] 75.[1780A(F)]

Temp Chinchou Hunt

1316 28 27 0 Troll Parties: 1 : 1.[52S(M)] 2.[89S(M)] 3.[133S(M)] 4.[192S(F)] 5.[234S(M)] 6.[265S(F)] 7.[345S(F)] 8.[368S(F)] 9.[480S(M)] 10.[482S(F)] 11.[538S(F)] 12.[550S(M)] 13.[591S(M)] 14.[627S(F)] 15.[724S(F)] 16.[733S(F)] 17.[743S(M)] 18.[763S(F)] 19.[830S(F)] 20.[866(F)] 21.[874(F)] 22.[947(M)] 23.[1005M] 24.[1028M] 25.[1160M] 26.[1209M] 27.[1240F] 28.[1275F] : 1.[64A(M)] 2.[106A(M)] 3.[114A(M)] 4.[166A(M)] 5.[177A(M)] 6.[257A(M)] 7.[292A(F)] 8.[340A(F)] 9.[475A(M)] 10.[596A(M)] 11.[669A(M)] 12.[732A(M)] 13.[751A(M)] 14.[779A(F)] 15.[792A(M)] 16.[858(F)] 17.[970(F)] 18.[977(F)] 19.[1,033M] 20.[1,053M] 21.[1,074M] 22.[1,110F] 23.[1,121M] 24.[1,135M] 25.[1,155M] 26.[1,178M] 27.[1,192M] :

Temp Blitzle Hunt

406 12 7 Troll Parties: 1 : 1.[37F] 2.[108M] 3.[145F] 4.[153M] 5.[156M] 6.[162M] 7.[221M] 8.[228F] 9.[249M] 10.[264M] 11.[330M] 12.[402M] : 1.[24M] 2.[147M] 3.[168F] 4.[182M] 5.[201F] 6.[305M] 7.[374F]

Temp Scorbunny Hunt

1224 23 18 1 Troll Parties: 0 : 1.[55M] 2.[81M] 3.[132M] 4.[138M] 5.[176M] 6.[249M] 7.[288F] 8.[390M] 9.[420M] 10.[436M] 11.[491M] 12.[561M] 13.[602M] 14.[616M] 15.[657F] 16.[721M] 17.[789M] 18.[815M] 19.[874M] 20.[950M] 21.[1015M] 22.[1017M] 23.[1177M] : 1.[135M] 2.[138M] 3.[207M] 4.[346M] 5.[456M] 6.[475M] 7.[599M] 8.[622M] 9.[642M] 10.[677M] 11.[751F] 12.[763M] 13.[795M] 14.[982M] 15.[1,026M] 16.[1,168M] 17.[1,182M] 18.[1,203M] : 1.[138M]

Temp Eevee hunt

1471 17 20 Troll parties: 1 : 1.[53M] 2.[78M] 3.[111M] 4.[124M] 5.[180M] 6.[412M] 7.[630M] 8.[640M] 9.[655M] 10.[894M] 11.[897M] 12.[959M] 13.[1187F] 14.[1216M] 15.[1239F] 16.[1387M] 17.[1466M] : 1.[121M] 2.[137M] 3.[151M] 4.[173M] 5.[194M] 6.[231M] 7.[298M] 8.[445M] 9.[473M] 10.[523M] 11.[593M] 12.[596M] 13.[799M] 14.[871M] 15.[1,117M] 16.[1,210M] 17.[1,211M] 18.[1,225M] 19.[1,346M] 20.[1,384M]

Temp Magikarp hunt

245 2 5 Troll parties: 0 : 1.[50M] 2.[168M] : 1.[7F] 2.[85M] 3.[94M] 4.[140F] 5.[223M]

Temp Skitty hunt

1475 32 28 1 Troll parties: 5 : 1.[78M] 2.[79F] 3.[87F] 4.[121F] 5.[138F] 6.[261M] 7.[267M] 8.[302F] 9.[454F] 10.[514F] 11.[547F] 12.[571F] 13.[599F] 14.[622M] 15.[643F] 16.[694M] 17.[718F] 18.[719F] 19.[720F] 20.[776F] 21.[804M] 22.[807F] 23.[822M] 24.[828F] 25.[886F] 26.[930F] 27.[951F] 28.[955F] 29.[1130F] 30.[1250F] 31.[1450F] 32.[1458F] : 1.[135M] 2.[175F] 3.[220M] 4.[256F] 5.[347F] 6.[356F] 7.[361F] 8.[452F] 9.[625F] 10.[660F] 11.[719F] 12.[741M] 13.[795F] 14.[801F] 15.[887F] 16.[917F] 17.[941F] 18.[952F] 19.[957F] 20.[982F] 21.[1,017F] 22.[1,034F] 23.[1,039M] 24.[1,294F] 25.[1,307F] 26.[1,397F] 27.[1447M] 28.[1457F] 1.[719F]

Temp Rookidee

1442 19 24 0 Troll parties: 1 : 1.[45F] 2.[171M] 3.[261M] 4.[315F] 5.[399M] 6.[400F] 7.[510F] 8.[547M] 9.[707F] 10.[711F] 11.[802F] 12.[834M] 13.[860F] 14.[893M] 15.[947F] 16.[958F] 17.[1045F] 18.[1195F] 19.[1236F] : 1.[2M] 2.[28F] 3.[73M] 4.[72F] 5.[142M] 6.[208M] 7.[215F] 8.[340F] 9.[374F] 10.[471M] 11.[551M] 12.[557M] 13.[628F] 14.[669F] 15.[774M] 16.[993M] 17.[1,010M] 18.[1,046M] 19.[1,051F] 20.[1,116F] 21.[1,200F] 22.[1,336M] 23.[1,379F] 24.[1,419M] : 1.

Temp Wooloo

2100 41 35 1 Troll parties: 4 : 1.[48M] 2.[90M] 3.[184M] 4.[194F] 5.[271F] 6.[329M] 7.[526F] 8.[535M] 9.[611M] 10.[626F] 11.[642M] 12.[663M] 13.[723M] 14.[738F] 15.[756M] 16.[773M] 17.[816F] 18.[1080F] 19.[1104M] 20.[1181F] 21.[1220F] 22.[1221F] 23.[1286M] 24.[1305M] 25.[1390F] 26.[1491F] 27.[1552M] 28.[1597M] 29.[1647M] 30.[1702M] 31.[1755F] 32.[1772F] 33.[1812F] 34.[1,820F] 35.[1857F] 36.[1863F] 37.[1981M] 38.[2012F] 39.[2020F] 40.[2027M] 41.[2048F] : 1.[12F] 2.[38M] 3.[59M] 4.[67F] 5.[97M] 6.[208F] 7.[363F] 8.[381M] 9.[556F] 10.[648F] 11.[662F] 12.[746M] 13.[754M] 14.[772F] 15.[808F] 16.[881M] 17.[972F] 18.[1,016M] 19.[1,081M] 20.[1181F] 21.[1,214F] 22.[1,261M] 23.[1,297M] 24.[1,307M] 25.[1,344M] 26.[1,361M] 27.[1,514F] 28.[1,535F] 29.[1,557M] 30.[1,792F] 31.[1,819M] 32.[1,865F] 33.[1,917F] 34.[1,988F] 35.[1,997M] 1.[1181F]

Wooloo Bait(s)

Done by Animestia!

Temp Silicobra

670 12 9 0 Troll parties: 0 : 1.[71F] 2.[84F] 3.[95F] 4.[112F] 5.[162F] 6.[234M] 7.[299M] 8.[327F] 9.[343F] 10.[449F] 11.[519F] 12.[542F] : 1.[23M] 2.[28M] 3.[42F] 4.[186M] 5.[292F] 6.[431F] 7.[551M] 8.[576M] 9.[578M] : 1.

Temp Applin

278 9 5 0 Troll parties: : 1.[57M] 2.[65F] 3.[77M] 4.[97F] 5.[108F] 6.[233F] 7.[240F] 8.[260F] 9.[283M] : 1.[12F] 2.[46F] 3.[48F] 4.[170F] 5.[276F] :


2070 54 33 1 Troll parties: 6 : 1.[42M] 2.[82M] 3.[104M] 4.[122M] 5.[234F] 6.[281M] 7.[282M] 8.[295M] 9.[399F] 10.[475F] 11.[485M] 12.[553F] 13.[574F] 14.[576M] 15.[585F] 16.[619M] 17.[660F] 18.[704F] 19.[744M] 20.[755F] 21.[790M] 22.[875F] 23.[909M] 24.[981F] 25.[1012F] 26.[1082M] 27.[1120F] 28.[1189F] 29.[1265M] 30.[1289F] 31.[1429F] 32.[1484M] 33.[1518M] 34.[1542F] 35.[1571F] 36.[1590M] 37.[1608F] 38.[1613F] 39.[1626F] 40.[1638F] 41.[1699F] 42.[1713F] 43.[1747F] 44.[1750M] 45.[1758F] 46.[1777M] 47.[1783M] 48.[1857F] 49.[1863F] 50.[1864F] 51.[1882M] 52.[1899F] 53.[1958M] 54.[1979M] : 1.[21F] 2.[38F] 3.[48F] 4.[79F] 5.[87F] 6.[95F] 7.[254M] 8.[266M] 9.[281M] 10.[427M] 11.[521M] 12.[573F] 13.[604F] 14.[628M] 15.[640M] 16.[689M] 17.[757M] 18.[918F] 19.[951M] 20.[970F] 21.[1,049M] 22.[1,085F] 23.[1,145F] 24.[1,290F] 25.[1,406F] 26.[1,489F] 27.[1,530M] 28.[1,582F] 29.[1634F] 30.[1,800F] 31.[1,921M] 32.[1,989M] 33.[2016F] : 1.[281M]


2,722 85 45 3 Troll parties: 1 : 1.[58M] 2.[73F] 3.[85M] 4.[125F] 5.[158F] 6.[181M] 7.[190M] 8.[247F] 9.[251F] 10.[278M] 11.[333M] 12.[352F] 13.[385M] 14.[389F] 15.[404M] 16.[564F] 17.[652M] 18.[680M] 19.[684M] 20.[709M] 21.[721M] 22.[842F] 23.[857F] 24.[867F] 25.[904M] 26.[982M] 27.[1078F] 28.[1090M] 29.[1117M] 30.[1157F] 31.[1166M] 32.[1174M] 33.[1181F] 34.[1214F] 35.[1229M] 36.[1232M] 37.[1245F] 38.[1278M] 39.[1282M] 40.[1287M] 41.[1449F] 42.[???] 43.[1474F] 44.[1492F] 45.[1493M] 46.[1523M] 47.[1566F] 48.[1567M] 49.[1600M] 50.[1624M] 51.[1642M] 52.[1647M] 53.[1696F] 54.[1718M] 55.[1808M] 56.[1832M] 57.[1845M] 58.[1920F] 59.[1943M] 60.[2004F] 61.[2039F] 62.[2066F] 63.[2090M] 64.[2112F] 65.[2211F] 66.[2219F] 67.[2268M] 68.[2311F] 69.[2316M] 70.[2366M] 71.[2377M] 72.[2388M] 73.[2449F] 74.[2463M] 75.[2482F] 76.[2502M] 77.[2504F] 78.[2537F] 79.[2549F] 80.[2557F] 81.[2569M] 82.[2618M] 83.[2619F] 84.[2665M] 85.[2717F] : 1.[188F] 2.[186M] 3.[256F] 4.[363F] 5.[433F] 6.[451M] 7.[528M] 8.[560M] 9.[596F] 10.[609F] 11.[636M] 12.[642F] 13.[670M] 14.[743F] 15.[799M] 16.[959M] 17.[977M] 18.[1,091F] 19.[1232M] 20.[1,260F] 21.[1,269F] 22.[1,321F] 23.[1,389F] 24.[1,407F] 25.[1,413F] 26.[1,898F] 27.[1,750F] 28.[1,905M] 29.[1,995F] 30.[2,010M] 31.[2,017M] 32.[2,045F] 33.[2,062M] 34.[2,197M] 35.[2,293F] 36.[2,396M] 37.[2,413M] 38.[2,416M] 39.[2,429M] 40.[2463M] 41.[2,528M] 42.[2,553M] 43.[2,609F] 43.[2,678M] 44.[2,695M] 45.[2717F] : 1.[1232M] 2.[2463M] 3.[2717F]


892 18 14 0 Troll parties: 1 : 1.[101F] 2.[103F] 3.[129F] 4.[150F] 5.[204F] 6.[337M] 7.[338F] 8.[367M] 9.[375F] 10.[406M] 11.[507F] 12.[516M] 13.[545M] 14.[629M] 15.[633M] 16.[693M] 17.[721M] 18.[782F] : 1.[44F] 2.[71M] 3.[82M] 4.[166M] 5.[197F] 6.[274F] 7.[305M] 8.[308M] 9.[371F] 10.[461M] 11.[506M] 12.[640F] 13.[738F] 14.[883F] : 1.


390 6 8 0 Troll parties: : 1.[75M] 2.[144M] 3.[156F] 4.[230M] 5.[248F] 6.[320F] : 1.[17F] 2.[96F] 3.[151M] 4.[152M] 5.[276F] 6.[339M] 7.[380F] 8.[386M] : 1.


108 5 5 0 Troll parties: : 1.[20M] 2.[60M] 3.[105M] 4.[106F] 5.[108M] 6.[113F] 7.[122F] 8.[174M] : 1.[53M] 2.[55M] 3.[68F] 4.[70F] 5.[73F] : 1.
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