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A long time ago, a celebi and shaymin fell in love. They're love was deep, but they couldn't have a child since they were legendary. Plus, they wanted more than just an egg of one species. No, they wanted their child to be a mix of both, as a symbol of love. they called out on deaf ears, desperate for something to heal their woes, When it came. Arceus could feel their sorrow and after hearing them out, decided to grant them a blessing. The blessing itself was huge. With the power of both Arceus and mew, two islands were created with a special aura around them. the gods wanted not only Celebi and shaymin to create a crossbreed as a sign of love. Pokemon from all over heard the news and some fled to the inhabited island. It wasn't just pokemon as time went by though. Humans would try for years and years to go and concur the island, but the new guardian, Shaybi, would cast away anyone who dared approach their little world. It wasn't until a brave and foolish human wouldn't stop trying while others gave up. Kayden Delhmos. Irritated, Shaybi wanted to get rid of Kayden once and for all, and teleported them both to the deity's cave. "Before you disappear from this life," Shaybi started. "Explain to me why you are so determined to come and corrupt our land with violence?" Amazed by the legendary, Kayden told them that he had no intention of bringing violence or gyms to the land, but wanted to bring a form of celebration of the blessing these islands held through performances. he described that in the land he came from, Sinnoh, had contests and what they were like. It's not known how exactly Kayden was really able to convince Shaybi to allow both humans and contests to reign on the island. Some say his description and love of his pokemon was what happened. Others say he was able to sneak the deity to a contest that sealed the deal. Whatever happened on the faithful day, Delhmos, The region of contests, was born. Shaybi (Delhmos RP coming soon)
Delhmos region lore! Delhmos rp coming soon! permission granted to use and edit Kinaster and kenyip. https://pokefarm.com/forum/post/2811939 https://pokefarm.com/pm/read/Sei
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