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Suríya's AvatarSuríya
Suríya's Avatar

Secret Snek Shop Rules & Vital Information

  • First come, first served.
  • Do not send me Personal Messages (PMs) with trade offers. I won't answer.
  • I will deny offers I am not interested in, please don't take it personal.
  • If you make an offer; subscribe. I will NOT hunt you down. If you don't respond to me responding to you in 3 days, your offer is voided.
  • If you want a specific gender; say so. NO PERSONALITY/NATURE REQUESTS.
  • If you make on offer, please set up the trades AFTER I have accepted it. DO NOT use pokemon you want back unless it's a Dex trade.
  • Please make sure your trades are labelled. I tend to have many open trades at once, I don't want to play the guessing game.
  • If you cannot read the rules on a tab, please don't make an offer. If you won't read the rules, I won't read the offer.
  • Please trade me gems in MEDIUM form. Less loss of gems from downgrading this way. 1 Large Gem = 11 Medium Gems
My PREFERRED summon(s) at this time is Thunder Fangs and Ancient Drives. I am NOT interested in Normal, Fire or Water gems in trades. I AM currently prioritizing Electric, Grass, Flying and Dragon gems.

Current Sales

None yet~

  • Box Hoarding Minions
  • Gem Swaps & Buying
  • , and Sales
  • Silvally Dexing

Minion Payment Plans

As a dragon it is obvious that I must have some sort of treasure hoarded in my lairs, however, being a 60ft snek partially in charge of the day to day cooperation of the site with its members, it leaves very little room for hunting boxes for myself. That's where you come in. You, my darling reader, are entering into a life of box hunting servitude work as a minion to hunt boxes for me in exchange for other treasures that I value less in the long run. It will be your job to provide me with boxes in exchange for various other things I desire less than the lovely, cubic wonders. I am a lover of chance, and thus opening the boxes and getting things I want out of them fills me with a greater joy than can be described. Interested in being hired into serving working for me? You may find the details of your future work below: Boxes are valued at 10k Credits or 10 GP. You may try to haggle on these values, but I don't bend really easy. Please note that I am not offering credits as a payment at this time. Gold Poke -- Unavailable Shinies 1 Shiny per 1 box box Albinos 1 Albino per 30 boxes Summons
See available summons below
1 Summon Item per 21 boxes For which summons are currently available, please PM to inquire, or post with your request for information.

Current Minion Payroll

None; get hired!

Hiring Status: Closed

I am currently accepting applications for Box Hunting minions. I prefer to hire those who have their Scour slots maxed with all of the boosts, but don't let that deter you! Please fill out the following form to make my life easier. Please keep me updated on your progress if this takes more than a couple of weeks. I'd appreciate weekly updates, even if your contract isn't complete. This keeps us in touch and ensures that both of us know where we stand in our agreement. Name: Number of boxes willing to hunt: Requested payment from options listed:


I am currently outright purchasing BoxBoxes for 250GP. You can either offer here, or send a direct trade and I will accept them as I see them. This will be open for as long as I can afford the price!

Available Gems

Please Note:
At this time, only WATER, NORMAL and FIRE gems are up for trade. Thank you. These are also the gem types I do NOT want in trades. You will be asked to offer a different type of gem in these cases.
Dragon gems will never be UFT. Please don't ask.
Small Gems
Normal Gem
Fire Gem
Water Gem
Electric Gem
Grass Gem
Ice Gem
Fighting Gem
Poison Gem
Ground Gem
Flying Gem
Psychic Gem
Bug Gem
Rock Gem
Ghost Gem
Dark Gem
Steel Gem
Dragon Gem
Fairy Gem
Medium Gems
Medium Normal Gem
Medium Fire Gem
Medium Water Gem
Medium Electric Gem
Medium Grass Gem
Medium Ice Gem
Medium Fighting Gem
Medium Poison Gem
Medium Ground Gem
Medium Flying Gem
Medium Psychic Gem
Medium Bug Gem
Medium Rock Gem
Medium Ghost Gem
Medium Dark Gem
Medium Steel Gem
Medium Dragon Gem
Medium Fairy Gem
Large Gems
Large Normal Gem
Large Fire Gem
Large Water Gem
Large Electric Gem
Large Grass Gem
Large Ice Gem
Large Fighting Gem
Large Poison Gem
Large Ground Gem
Large Flying Gem
Large Psychic Gem
Large Bug Gem
Large Rock Gem
Large Ghost Gem
Large Dark Gem
Large Steel Gem
Large Dragon Gem
Large Fairy Gem

Payments Accepted

At this time, these are the only payments I am interested in for Gems. Megastones are a bit too tricky to price in Gems and I value summons all the same except those I am collecting. Due to these factors, it is unlikely that I will accept offers for Gems with these items. Credits are offered as a payment option at a higher than typical price as I am not generally interested in them for gems. If that is all you have and you need the gems, then you may offer them... otherwise, please consider a different payment. Gem for Gem swaps are my current priority. Thank you for understanding.
  • Any Type
    1:1 Swaps
  • 1 Dragon to 2 other gems
    1:2 Swaps
  • This would apply to shinies that I'm interested in. If I already have the shiny I may decline the offer. Sorry!
  • Thunder Fang preferred. Offer other summons, but they may be rejected based on interest.
    1 for 11 Medium
  • 25 for Medium
  • 250 for Large
  • 35k for Medium
  • 350k for Large

Looking For/Collecting

The prices I accept for Gems, I will also pay for Gems. The following Gems are the badges I am actively working on and offers I will consider before others based on my needs. Priority highest to lowest. Poison Gems Fairy Gems Grass Gems Electric Gems Dragon Gems

Current Hunt: Melanistic Seviper

All pokemon are first come, first served. No nature requests unless you LINK the specific pokemon when you make the offer. Please state what currency you are offering in. Incomplete offers will not be responded to.
  • Shiny Seviper
    • 90k
    • 90
    • 20
    • Tokens
      Current season tokens only. NOT ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.
  • Albino Seviper
    • 120k
    • 120
    • 25
    • Tokens
      Current season tokens only. NOT ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.
Available shiny and albino pokemon are in a visible field named for the hunt. If the field is empty, there are none currently available and you will need to check back later. Please don't request spots on my hunts. I don't take spots in case I end my hunts early.

, and Available

This section is for the many limited shiny/albino pokemon I have available. All prices are listed in tooltips if they are more than one of an item. Please check back often as this will be frequently updated with more things. ** Be aware that the summon in the price list appears to ONLY be Thunder Fangs accepted -- this is not the case. ANY one summon is fine. However, if you DO pay with a Thunder Fang, you can have TWO of that shiny.
  • Shiny Rotom
    • 180k
    • 90
    • 20
    • 1 Token
      Current season tokens only. NOT ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.
    PayPal: $1 USD
  • Albino Rotom Out of Stock
    • 260k
    • 130
    • 30
    • 2 Tokens
      Current season tokens only. NOT ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.
    PayPal: $2 USD

Delta Pokemon (Non-special): 150

Silvally Dexing

I have decided to offer my Silvally for dexing with the complete set of Memories. You can either dex the whole set or borrow certain memories individually. The prices are as follows:
  • 13,OOO
    Each Memory. A memory dex set would be 234,000 total credits.
  • 10
    Each Memory. A memory dex set would be 180 total GP.
  • 5
    Each Memory. A memory dex set would be 90 total ZC.
  • 1 Box per Memory.
  • 1 Super Lucky Egg for full set of Memories.
  • 1 Thunder Fangs for full set of Memories.
  • 1 Box Box for full set of Memories which includes Silvally's dex.
* Please note that I do not accept mixed payments. This is mainly because people's conversion rates change from person to person and it's easier to accept payment in one form because of that. Available Memories:
  • Bug Memory
  • Dark Memory
  • Dragon Memory
  • Electric Memory
  • Fairy Memory
  • Fighting Memory
  • Fire Memory
  • Flying Memory
  • Ghost Memory
  • Grass Memory
  • Ground Memory
  • Ice Memory
  • Poison Memory
  • Psychic Memory
  • Rock Memory
  • Steel Memory
  • Water Memory
Please use the following form when making a request so that we can make very clear what is needed for the dex trade when I am setting it up:
Hi Suriya! I'd like to dex these Silvally Memories from you. Is Silvally needed?: Yes/No Memories Requested: Full Set/List of Memory types. When are you available to dex and return the memor(y/ies)? Payment Offered: Type, total amount being send. (Ex: GP; total amount of GP)
Art by Shazi
Hidden Secret Stuff for Suri [a-section=Limited Stock Sale] NONSENSE HERE [ ][/a-section]
Current Hunt: Melan Seviper Shiny, Albino, and Deltas available for trade in Snek's Black Market!
Melanistic Seviper
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