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Dexing Services


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  • Rules
  • Notes
You must return my Pokemon and items as soon as you can.
Do not evolve them.
Do not change their names.
Do not steal their items.
Do not remove or edit their descriptions.
Do not remove or edit their Dress Up image.
Do not submit them into a contest.
Do not not send them on a scour mission.
Do not send them into battle.
Do not send them to another user.
You may add your own message to the bottom of their descriptions.
And most importantly...
PM me or post in my Shop Thread if you'd like to dex something, do not post in this thread.
Dexing is free! Except for the Pay to Dex section on this page.
I am usually online 5pm to 2am server time.
There is no limit, dex as many as you like.
I have 20 trade slots.
Larger quantities will be split up into smaller groups.
If you see something in my fields that you wish to dex, just ask!

Pay to Dex


Dexing Prices
Normal Set


Price Per Melan Dex
Or 1:1 your melan dex for mine.
Check regions for my needed melans.
Available Melan Dexes: Hatched/Arrived

Silvally Memories

Dexing Prices
Normal SetShiny Set

Ultranecrozium Z

Dexing Prices
Normal SetShiny Set
  • Fuse Necrozma with Solgaleo or Lunala at Colress' Shack.
  • Give them the Ultranecrozium Z to dex [Ultra Forme].
  • Unfuse and return the Pokemon and Ultranecrozium Z to me.
  • I cannot help you with the 200,000 credit fusing fee.
  • If you need to use my Solgaleo or Lunala, tell me.
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