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This is a story inspired by Ben 10 2016, but it's in Pokemon FF because the main character is an Eevee. I'll probably update whenever I feel like it, which may be quite erratic. Feel free to post feedback! PROLOGUE This story is about a Shiny Eevee named Silver, whose life is about to change forever... The young Eevee awakens. She has no idea where she is, after she was caught in a net. What she does know is that she was not captured by any ordinary Trainer. Most Trainers use Pokeballs, don't they? "Ah," says a voice. A human voice. "The test subject is awake." Test subject?! Silver knows she is in danger now. She begins looking frantically for an exit, gazing over the white walls, hoping they haven't done anything to her yet. Her hopes are dashed when she sees something attached to her left foreleg. It's black, with green lights, and no matter how hard she pulls, it won't come off. She stops trying, and falls down, crying. The scientists don't notice. Silver realizes she's in more danger staying here than if she escapes. She resumes her search for an exit. She notices a small hole, but it's far too small to crawl through. She begins to carefully listen to the humans. "Hmm," says one, a female. "She seems to want to leave." Silver nods, hoping they will release her. "Well," responds the male voice from earlier. "Poor thing's gonna have to stay. The boss said not to release her, since the public can't find out about this." The Shiny gets very upset. She doesn't want to be some human test subject! What are they even trying to do, anyway?! Some weird illegal powerup? Silver pauses for a moment, considering. If she is the test subject of a Pokemon powerup, perhaps she can enlarge the hole and escape! She begins concentrating on the strange, black, metal device on her foreleg, hoping it will strengthen her enough to break through. She doesn't realize the device was meant to power up a Pokemon in an entirely different way. As Silver concentrates, she begins to change. She doesn't notice her ears sinking into her head, giving them an odd appearance. She doesn't notice her fur changing color, becoming blue on her chest and yellow everywhere else. She doesn't notice the four appendages that grow out of the back of her head. She doesn't even notice the spike that grows out of her chest. She does, however, notice when her spine alters itself, painlessly reducing her tail's length and enabling her to stand on two legs. She begins to stand on four legs, as always, before instinctively standing on two. This scares her. Silver realizes she has gained a new power, in addition to everything else-she can now sense aura. She remembers sensing aura is a power normally exclusive to Riolu and Lucario-and, on seeing her paw, which has also developed a spike, realizes she has become one. The new Shiny Lucario grins. She decides to give herself a new name-Luca.She lets the dreadlock-like appendages on her head rise as she charges up an Aura Sphere-by some weird new instinct, she knows how to use it. She blasts the broken wall, causing part of it to crumble. The resulting hole would've been big enough for her Eevee self to crawl through, however, a Lucario is larger than an Eevee. She mutters to herself in annoyance. The scientists finally notice that the Eevee has become a Lucario, and they look on in shock. "Wow," says the female. "I honestly did not expect that to work." Luca gives her an annoyed glance, before using Aura Sphere on the wall once more. The hole that results could fit a Dartrix, but nothing larger. After glaring at the scientists, she begins hammering at the wall with Aura Sphere until it's large enough for her to go through. Once she is outside, though, there is a warning beep from the device on her arm. Luca watches in fascination as her spine painlessly reshapes itself to that of an Eevee, her fur returning to white, her ears returning to a position off the side of her head as opposed to right on top, relengthening to a rabbitlike appearance. Her tail bushes back out, back to resembling a fox, as her aura sense grows dull and disappears entirely. Luca- no, Silver- is amazed by her transformation back into an Eevee. She begins to wonder if she could become other Pokemon using the device. When she looks back at it, the green lights are now red. She realizes it has a cooldown time. Naturally, she thinks. After all, a device this powerful must need to restore energy for a while after something like that! The new shapeshifter realizes she has no idea where she is. She decides to travel across the regions, using her newfound powers to help all who need it, while simultaneously spreading the word and ruining the scientists' plan. That'll teach them to alter her DNA without her consent! Unbeknownst to Silver, the scientists had just broken the news to their boss. "WHAT?!" he roared. "How could you let the Eevee escape?! We need her!" The female scientist raised her hand. "We-we could cause some trouble," she said, timidly. "The test subject will arrive to stop us, and we can capture her." The scientists' boss nodded. "Yes," he purred. "Create trouble and mischief across the regions. The Eevee will no doubt investigate, and her curiosity shall be her downfall...And in her final moments of life, she will rue the day she defied Team Shadow!!" Please subscribe!! <3
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