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Single post in Acottontail's probally a journal

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ACottontail's AvatarACottontail
ACottontail's Avatar
Retelling, moonlight gym, not exact words...
ACottontail was walking down a deep cave with Branch by her side and Kaybre following behind them. "Hmm... A steel door." ACottontail said. "What's the worse that could happen!" she pushed on the door and it swung open. She saw a teen on some steps. "Hey there! I challenge the Moonlight gym!" she said to the teen. "Challege accepted. Send out your first Pokemon." said the teen. He sent out a hydreigon. "Okay Go Amorvoir!" ACottontail said. She sent out Amorvoir. Soultaker let out a dark pulse. Amorvoir fell back. He let out an "Amor" and struck a dramatic pose. Slowly he got up. An anime opening started playing. He began dancing. Sparkles followed his hands. They came together in a pink ball, then shot an energy beam filled with the power of fairies and anime references at Soultaker. It was to much for Soultaker to take and they fainted. Amorvoir struck a victory pose. Round 1 Vs "Okay that's enough Amorvoir," said ACottontail returning Amorvoir. Okay time for my next Pokemon, go Game Breaker!" ACottontail tossed a Pokeball. The gym leader sent out a Greninja Nenharm jumped into the air and landed a kick on Game Breaker. Nenharm bounced off rather harmlessly. Game Breaker let out a round. Nenharm shot an energy beam. Game Breaker tried to block it with around round. Game Breaker stood up. She began to charge forward. Nenharm tried to stop her with an energy beam. With her momentum unbroken Game Breaker used take down on Nenharm. With just a bit of health left Nenharm used night slash. Game Breaker used disarming voice. Nenharm had little will left to fight. He collapsed. Round 2 Vs ACottontail returned Game Breaker. "Congrats on winning. Here," the gym leader tossed ACottontail a badge. "For winning you can use the Moonlight badge." "Hooray we did it! Thank you for the battle!" ACottontail cheered. "We got the Moonlight badge." Kaybre looked slightly annoyed that neither her or Branch got to battle. ACottontail went to highfive Branch and Kaybre but neither of them went for it. ACottontail had a brief look of worry on her face before turning it into a smile. "Okay guy's let's go." Branch, Kaybre and ACottontail and turned and walked away from the Moonlight gym. They traveled past and dark tunnel and there was an opening in the moonlight.
Anyway that is a retelling of how I got the Moonlight badge. The gym can be found here.
Moonlight Gym
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