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ACottontail's AvatarACottontail
ACottontail's Avatar
Well I am into battling again and I got the legends badge! Anyway here is a retelling of what happened just in case the thread gets deleted like the first gym I won did. If I put name: It means someone else on the thread said it. ACottontail: Cassandra:
TheËspétåles:Okie dokie send the challenge to Artistic Sans she's the first underling!
Okay, I have battled Artistic_Sans. Round 1 VS Round 2 VS Round 3 VS Round 4 VS Round 5 VS Round 6 VS
Artistic SANS: Sorry for it being so late v-v I had to take a nap and was away your first challenge has been met Challenge #1 goes to the challenger Challenge #2 goes to the Challenged challenge #3 goes to the challenger challenge #4 challenger Challenge #5 Challenger Challenge #6 Challenger Challenger moves on
Kaybre Huricaned Star Screech that resulted in them fainting. "Good battle" ACottontail said before walking to the main battle field. Kaybre followed ACottontail at her side. "Gym leader Cassandra, I challenge you to a gym battle!" ACottontail readied her first Pokeball into her hand. Fitting gym battle music started playing in the background.
TheËspétåles:”Ah yes, yes! Bewear I have the best aesthetics around!” She brags.
ACottontail laughed at the pun"Well I have Gummis! I also did some EV training. Though I only have two shinys on my team so I am sort of lacking in the aesthetics department..." She said.
”Prepare yourself for the biggest challenge yet!” she said taking out a Heal Ball.
"Go Cryaroar!" ACottontail shouts throwing a pokeball. A surfing Raichu pops out crackling with electricity. Cryaroar fought Cream ending the battle with a thunderbolt. Round 1 VS ACottontail returned Cryaroar. She threw out another Pokeball, "Go Solashyi!" She yelled. Solashyi was quickly hit with a match punch from Revu~i. Solashyi struggled in the battle with Revu~i. When things were looking bleak she managed to pull through with iron tail just suriving with enough health to win. Round 2 VS ACottontail returned Solashyi. ACottontail noticed a pattern. Cassandra was using her Pokemon in reverse order from their lineup in the first post. Seeing that Kaybre has no super effective match ups ACottontail knew what to do. "Okay Kaybre let's go!" she said as Kaybre joyfully rushed into the battle field. Kaybre lay waste onto the battle feild with a series of powerful wind. It was to much for 💜Madoka🖤 to take and she fainted. "Good job Kaybre!" ACottontail said as she highfived Kaybre. Kaybre went back to ACottontail's side. Round 3 VS ACottontail nerviously looked at the pokemon Cassandra had left. ACottontail knew who her crutch Pokemon was, Wisp. Wisp had no good match ups. She nerviously picked her next Pokeball. ACottontail knew it was better now than latter. "Go, Wisp," ACottontail said with doubt in her voice. A tree with leaves shining like fire came from the Pokeball. Cassandra send out a Zoroark, Wisp's weakness. Wisp smacked Zoroark with a series of Horn Leechs while shrugging off a few energy beams. "Wisp you did it..." ACottontail started, "Wisp I never doubted you!" surprised that Wisp won. Round 4 VS ACottontail returned Wisp. Okay Cassandra is probably saving her mega ninetails for last so I'll send out Branch my fire type she thought. "Go Branch!" said ACottontail. Cassandra sent out, Cream!?!?!? "What!?!?!!?!" ACottontail yelled in shock. "You can use your Pokemon mutiple times in one battle!?!?!?! Didn't Cream faint to Cryaroar?" ACottontail didn't care to much as her Pokemon were stronger than Cream. Poor Cream was burnt along with being electrocuted now. Branch stood victorious. Round 5 VS ACottontail sent out Orca.
TheËspétåles:Cassandra pouts abd rants about how both lados and Cottontails battles were rigged. “Here’s your badge.” She sighs “CASH, get over here and write their names down on the Wall of Fame!” Cassie yells a boy older than her comes in scrawls both names down (lado and Cotton) down on the wall.
"My battles probably weren't rigged, I only did vigorous EV training and used Gummis which are probably good for Pokemon," ACottontail said. "Thanks for the badge! But what happened to this being a 6 on 6 battle?" she asked with Orca still standing on the field. Cassandra sent out 💠雪💠. Orca made the entire gym shake with a few earthquakes that made 💠雪💠 faint. Round 6? VS "Hurray we did it!" ACottontail cheered highfiving Kaybre and trying to highfive Orca. "I won the Legends Badage!" she held up the newly won badge and it shimmered in the light. "Thanks for battling me Cassandra!"
TheËspétåles:Cassandra points at the boy scrawling your name down.”It was his fault.” Cash glares at his obviously whiney, arrigant, sister. Cassie whines about evrything that goes wrong ;3))
Okay since I am writing about the gym battle in my journal I might as well advertise the gym in this post.
Check out my gym, and my Journal. Vearus sprite + banner by me.
Beta Wooper from the 1999 Gold/Sliver protype, the sprite was revamped and animated by me
~The trainer of raging dragons~
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