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Single post in *Infinity Journal* ~ Jalakins Progress

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Jalakins's AvatarJalakins
Jalakins's Avatar


Isopodsan Sprite Fusions by Isopodsan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Made by nyanskitty
Made by nyanskitty
Made by nyanskitty, inkay sprite by choas on pokecommunity
SodaPop Sprite Shoppe by nyanskitty ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sprite created by Burning Rose: gastrodon recolor
BurningRose Sprite Shop by BurningRose ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Bugmilk's Sprite Shop by Bugmilk ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sprite Edited by Chronos. Angelic Mew
by Chronos. Neptune Articuno
Hourglass Sprite Shop by Chronos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Augie's Pixel Shop by Augie279 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nth Dimension Art&Sprites by Cerberus ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Edited by BayleafBeeen
Shining Bright Sprite Shop by BayleafBeeen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eighty-Seven Free Sprites by icymoon193 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Willow Grove Sprites by Willow McPlier Squishy Dex! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Demonic Shop by DemonZorua ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ shop by Queen Klance (sprite credit) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Choco's Sprites and Doodles by ChocolaTee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ shop by damienwithadee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ True Delta Sprites by FinalAbsolution permission from sei on rockruff. Lycanroc free to use here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Free Sprites by Kaolin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cherry the Sakura Creature

Hatching Animation “In an effort to expand our horizons, we decided to take a quick trip to Japan. In one of the little shops we found this egg! The shopkeeper told us that the egg came from a hanami celebration, a special Japanese custom in which people enjoy the beauty of the sakura flower!”
Damien and Kei's Adoption Gachapon Auction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ by Meri243 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Free Sprites by Costini ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Proton's Sprites by tengloom ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shadarinns Sprite Shop by Shadarin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nightmon's Sprites by Nightmon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Swirling's Sprite Wonders by SwírlíngÍnfernõ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Three Wishes Sprites and Adopts by AudreyC27 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Made by Orchid
Orchid's Sprite Shop by Orchid ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I always try to click back! <3 401/2000 Avatar by noctilucent. Siggy from quinn. Sprite credits here.
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