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Lending Services

I can provide conditional lending services for you consisting of the following: Shelter Pass ✩, Shiny Charm Box, and Ditto. Please read each set of rules carefully.
  • shelter pass ✩
  • shiny charm box
  • coming soon

Shelter Pass ✩

You may rent my shelter pass ✩ for a price for a maximum of 23 hours, beginning at server reset, and it must be returned an hour before the next day's server reset. This service will only be available when I am hunting a variant, exclusive, or legendary pokémon. You can pay to use it for the following day, or you can reserve certain days to use it if it hasn't been claimed on that particular day.


Cost per Day

order form

[b][u]Ay, Zeek! Let me get that shelter pass![/u][/b] [b](Server) Day:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Do you promise to return an hour before server reset?[/b]



Shiny Charm Box COMING SOON

This service will be available soon.

coming soon...

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