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Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar

Zicø’s Gazebø

Hello! I am Zicø, although you make see me called any variation of the name: Zeek, Zeeb, Zeebo, Squeeb... I pretty much answer to anything. I decided to make my own shop for the purpose of keeping all of my stuff in one place. This way, my customers won't have to skedaddle all over the place for breeding pairs, somewhere else for items, and still other places for special pokémon! Now, they can all be found right here.

things i'm looking for

ZC, credits, & GP
spectral leiomanos, gracidea seeds, helix orbs, & apprentice's epées
Any type other than ground probably!
Boxes & Box Boxes Lucky Seals Daycare Passes
any daycare passes
Shinies I Don't Have
Hunting Supplies
Hypermode Vouchers & Ubercharms


» A greeting of some sort would be lovely. This is not a requirement, but politeness goes a long way. Be respectful. » Follow all Official PFQ trading rules. » Be clear with your offer. "My ____ for your ____?" works. » I am not guaranteed to accept your offer, even if you offer the price I have outlined. I reserve the right to refuse to trade with you for any reason. » Use forms where applicable. Certain requests where you do not use the provided forms will be ignored. » Label your trades
Put something like 'in exchange for your ____' in the message part of the trade.
. Always. » No PMs about buying anything here. You must post here. » I will be keeping the pokémon you send with your trade, so send one you don't mind getting rid of. » Subscribe if you order something. You will be responsible for sending the trade if your request is accepted. » You'll have 24 hours to claim your order (send the trade) before it is up for grabs again. » No sniping! If someone has already made an offer on something, don't swoop in and make a better offer to swipe the product from under them. That's not courteous.

Special Announcements & Sales

» none rn!


— Completely updated my shiny/albino section, and albino prices were cut in half. — 3 Spinda melan spots are left, but I bumped the price up by 200zc as I realized 1400zc was a bit cheap for how long it's taking. Current orders will not be affected by this price increase. — I'm redoing breeding pairs from the beginning of the pokedex onward, and I'm about halfway through Johto. Stay tuned for when those go back up!


other shops to stop by

Ask if you'd like your shop to be added here!

advertise the gazebo





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