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My Story Idea/Guide:

Ash’s Kanto Adventure with the Rocket Trio

Ash’s Kanto Adventure with the Rocket Trio Everyone begins their Pokemon Adventure when they are fourteen not ten. Ash’s is hatted by everyone in his hometown but his Mother and Professor Oak, and is bullied by the other kids so he does not talk that much. Misty says he can borrow her bike then hits him when she sees what happened to it. Team Rocket still tries to get Pikachu. Misty tries to get Nurse Joy to report Ash for Pokemon Abuse in revenge for her bike. Ash grabbed Pikachu and runs when he over hears Misty arguing with Nurse Joy. Ash run and ends up in the Viridian City Gym and Giovanni. Ash Tells Giovanni about his life and in return Giovanni informs him that he is the head of Tem Rocket. Ash tells him it’s wrong to steal happy Pokemon, instead steal abused Pokemon. Misty leaves the Pokemon Center and runs into Officer Jenny, she tells her a lie about Ash and they go looking for him. Misty and Officer Jenny show up to arrest Ash for Pokemon Abuse. Giovanni steps in when Officer Jenny tells him to hand over all his Pokemon and Trainer ID. Ash and Giovanni tell Officer Jenny what happened to Pikachu and that Misty was just mad at Ash because her bike got ruined when lightning hit it. Misty get arrested for filling a false Pokemon Abuse charge, she has to give up her Pokemon so Officer Jenny can send them to her three sister along with why their sister does not have them. Ash stays with Giovanni for close to two month with call home to his Mother and Professor Oak about what happened and why he was staying with the head of Team Rocket. Jessie, James and Meowth show up after Ash has been there for about three weeks, with a pregnant Eevee and her mate that they rescued form an abandoned house that was going to be torn down. The Rocket Trio and Ash become great friends and help him come out of his shell. A week before he leaves the female Eevee that the Trio rescued gave three of the seven Eggs she laid to Ash. Giovanni ask Jessie, James and Meowth to go with Ash on his journey, the agreed as they were going to see if they could go with him. While Ash is gone Giovanni calls Delilah and asked if he could make Ash his heir since he saw him as his son. Ash makes friends with Brock who still comes with him. Misty’s three sister dose not blame Ash for their sisters problem. Ash makes Friends with every gym leader and stats having feelings for James as the journey go’s on.

Ash and the Pokemon League

Ash was mad just because he did not like the perfume Erika sold he was not allowed to battle her for a Gym Badge to make matters worse Broke and Misty agreed with her. But what hurt the most was Pikachu did, his best friend laugh as he was thrown from the store. Ash had gone back three days in a row to ask for a battle but he was chased, pushed and thrown by Erika and her employees out of the store and told he would never be allowed in her Store/Gym again or she was going to call the Pokémon League to report him for harassment and have his Trainer license revoked. So Ash was walking around Celadon City trying to think of what to do. Pikachu was at Erika's store along with the other two traiters. Ash’s feet lead him to the Pokemon Center where he decided to call Professor Oak to see if he had any Ideas. RING RING RING RI “Hello Oak's Lab.” said The Professor into the video phone with his back to the phone. “Hi Professor I have a question for you?” Ash said and watched as Oak turned around with a big smile on his face that slidded off when he saw Ash’s face that looked hurt, sad and mad at the same time. “My dear Ash what happened to you?” Oak said in voice serious and comforting at the same time. “I need to know if there is another way that I can compete in the Indigo League with out having to go from town to town battling Gym Leaders. I already know about the Poke Tech and that is not an option.” Ash said not even telling Oak why. “Well you can take a test to see if you can by pass getting the badges. This year the test will be held in Fuchsia City you pass that you get a ticket that you show at the Indigo League. Now would you please explain why you needed to know this?” So Ash told the Professor all that had happened will he was In Celadon City. “I’m going to be sending you Pikachu I can’t be around him right now. Maybe I’ll just finish my journey by my self if this is how friends act.” Ash watched as Oak turned to look at someone out of frame, Oak nodded his head and turned back to Ash. “OK Ash send him over later today. Ask Nurse Joy for a Poke-Lock, as soon as you call Pikachu back put the lock on and he will not be able to escape till I get him back here.” Oak told the depressed boy, all Ash did was nod his head and hung up the phone. As Ash walked over to the counter he did not look where he was going and bumped into someone and making him fall over. "Hey are you ok Kiddo?" Asked a nice female voice when Ash did not get upright away. Ash looked up and saw he bumped into the Celedon City Officer Jenny, who had her hand out to Ash so he grabbed it and got pulled to his feet. "Not realy no." Ash said as he started back to the counter again this time with Officer Jenny with him. "Would you like to talk about it?" Jenny asked the boy who looks like his whole world his falling apart, Ash nodded his head. "I came to battle the Gym Leader Erika for a Badge so i could compete in the League, but i got kicked out just because i dont like the smell of her pefumes, I tried almost the whole week and each time her ot one of her assistes would kick me out of the store. Today she told me that if I came to her Store/Gym again she would call the League officels and get my Triainer Lisends revoked. Just could I could not stand the smell of her Place. The worst part my Starter Pokemon and my Ex-Friends laught everytime I got kicked out." Ash told Officer Jenny the story after he asked Nurse Joy for a Ball-Lock.
Lv. 44 — 2,269 / 5,895
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Any food
Happiness 27%
Bashful nature
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