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Hunt Post Number Nine

For the HM duration of 22/Feb til 22/Mar. And I'll make a new post eventually, but new HM duration of 22/Mar til 18/Sep!
Sewaddle Hunt Stats [43♀S][70♂S][107♀S][157♂S][186♂S][234♂A][302♀S][322♀S][370♀S][406♀S][407♀S][438♀S][465♀A][545♀S] [630 eggs] 24/Feb/2018—06/Mar/2018 Note: rehunt for 1 albino Throh Hunt Stats birthday hunt! [50♂S][150♂S][161♂S][203♂S][229♂S][312♂S][374♂A] [380 eggs + 6 FGs] 06/Mar/2018—14/Mar/2018 Tyrunt Hunt stats type race hunt [71♂S][123♀S][126♂S][130♂A][184♂S][187♂S][227♂S][261♂S][272♂A] [300 eggs + 4 FGs] 14/Mar/2018—22/Mar/2018 Yamask Hunt Stats Nothing! [183 eggs] 23/Mar/2018—29/Mar/2018 Purrloin Hunt Stats ugh [24♂S][49♂S][125♂S][126♀S][156♂S][254♀S][283♂S][297♀S] [344 eggs] 30/Mar/2018—19/Apr/2018 Nothing Hunt Stats what is it like not to hunt something is this death 19/Apr/2018—19/Apr/2018 Roggenrola Hunt Stats [mid-hunt update (around egg 900): so apparently this is a melan hunt now] [info transferred to another post] [3270 eggs + 61 FGs at the time of switching posts] [10,000 eggs + 179 FGs + 1 melan] 20/Apr/2018—26/Jan/2019
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