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Volixagarde's AvatarVolixagarde
Volixagarde's Avatar

Hello! Welcome to the Stickerboard!

Yo. I'm Volix, and I suck at introductions. Make sure to read everything before requesting anything. Average Rating: 4.47/5 [77 Reviews]


1. Only three requests at a time per person. 2. Only 20 claims per person. If you want to claim past that limit, you have to unclaim somthing. 3. Don't rush me. I have limited time, and I may have to turn down requests. 4. I can't do PFQ sprites, but I can use conyjam's sprites for 6th/7th gen. 5. Specify if you don't want your pokemon stickered, because I do that by default. 6. The password is froot lupes. Yes, I know it's mispelled. 7. Please credit me. 8. Sprites are free, but I will accept donations if you guys want to pay me back. No pressure to donate, though. 9. Please subscribe to the thread while you have sprites ordered. 10. New rule, but please don't go back and edit yours posts to make a completely new request. Just make a new post, please. 11. Don't minimod. I can handle this. 12. Don't spam my inbox, please. I haven't had much time or energy as of late, so if you see I'm online and I don't answer, please wait at least a day. Let me play the game in peace. 13. Tell me if I misspell something in the claims section lol. 14. Don't be selfish with your claims. If I post a new set, don't claim them all instantly. 14a. If you claimed from the last set, please wait until a few other people have claimed from a set before claiming yours. I don't want people to get discouraged because it seems like only a few people get sprites. 15. Don't try and claim a sticker that someone requested already. I know that mistakes happen, but when it's on the same page, please take the time to look. 16. Don't use templates when you're ordering. It just makes the page take longer to load for me, especially since my apartment's internet is bad.

Free to Claim

Andes Mint Tangela
Andes Mint Starly
Key Lime Pie Shellder
Green Lumineon
Data Tailow
Nuzleaf with Flygon's Palette
Inverted Cryoganal
Flygon with Nuzleaf's Palette
Purple and Cyan Torchic
Cream Colored Pachirisu
Patterned Meganium
Purple and Grey Octillary
Spotted Salamance
Rock Type Azumarill with Geodude's Hand and Palette
Cyan Slowpoke
Gengar but it's Clefairy
Blue Amoongus
Magikarp and Feebas Fusion
Torchic and Eevee Fusion
Green Vanilite
Golden Beldum
Green Pidgetto
Blue and Green Aipom
Grass Type Venonat
Fire Type Clefairy
Crystal Weedle
Orange Bonsly
Red and Orange Piplup
Navy Ralts
Crystal Onix

Claimed Sprites

Isopodsan (13/20)

Rainbow Vulpix
Jasper the Bulbasaur
Angel Keldeo with Cosmog and Swablu's clouds, Shedinja's Halo, and Swablu's Palette
Fursona Zoroark (Two versions)
Zoroark with Mightyena's Palette and Tail
Zoroark with Cosmog's Palette
Light Green Gradient Charmander
Wurmple with Beedrill's Horn and Pallette
Colorless Dunsparce
Lineless Dunsparce
Red Eevee
Custom Albino Zigagoon

CLeim (2/20)

Team Magma Numel and Camerupt

JuliePiscesGirl (13/20)

Chocolate and Strawberry Charmander
Pink and Blue Wartortle
Cotton Candy Joltik
Gardevior with Cosmog's Palette and Hair Puffs
Fall Skiddo with Fall Sawsbuck's Antlers and Custom Palette
Banana Split Charizard
Fire Haxorous
Eevee with Vaporeon's Fins and Palette
Gardevior with Vaporeon's Head and Palette
Banana Split Vulpix
Vulpix with Shiny Rockruff's Tail and Palette and Sylveon's Bow
Masquirain with Finneon's Palette and Wings
Rainbow Starmie

Moon Flames (4/20)

Fall Skiddo with Sawsbuck's Antlers
Ice Cream Litwick
Cosmic Jirachi
Furfrou with Chandelure's Palette and Flaming Tail

koalacorn13 (2/20)

Rainbow Flabebe
Fall Snivy


Deerling with Lunala's Palette
Deerling with Solgaleo's Palette

BananaMoonKit (16/20)

Banana Split Frosslass
Custom Meowstic with Vulpix's Tail and Cinccino's Scarf
Shuckle with Cosmog's Palette
Metallic Clampearl
Galaxy Pachirisu
Sunset Gradient Pikachu
Purple Galaxy Corosola
Spinda with Drilbur's Face and Palette
Fall Oddish
Pastel Natu
Dugtrio with Empoleon's Face and Palette
Charmander Pixel Over
Inverted Muk
Ditto and Solosis Fusion
Ice Type Cherrim (Sunny Forme)
Torichic and Tailow Fusion

Kayu (2/20)

Black and Purple Teddiursa and Skitty

fiction (18/20)

Sunny Vaporeon
Zorua with Swablu's Clouds and Vulpix's Tail
In Bloom Shaymin
Custom Rockruff with Vulpix's Tail
Primal Spring Deerling
Custom Mareep with Shaymin's Flower and a Custom Tail
Pink and Orange Fennekin
Dieno with Summer Sawsbuck's Palette and Antlers
Hydro Dedenne
Shiny Spheal with Mimikyu-Inspired Design
Corosola and Sudowoodo Fusion
Tapioca Ninetails
Dragonair with Amphoros's Palette and Tail and Finneon's Back Fins
Eevee with Zizagoon's Tail and Palette
Deerling with Cosmog's Cloud and Palette
Pachirisu with Vulpix's Tail and Cosmog's Clouds
Slyveon with Cosmog's Colors
Light Coffee Vulpix

yueshui916 (17/20)

Yveltal with Slyveon's Palette and Ribbons
Pumpkaboo with Cosmog's Palette
Deino with Noibat's Ears and Mightyena's Palette
Deino with Sylveon's Ribbons and Palette
Deino with Cosmog's Palette
Deino with Rockruff's Tail, Finneon's Tail, Gorybyss's Top Fin, and Chespin's Palette
Galaxy Bulbasaur
Deino with Cosmog's Clouds and Palette
Stormy Seas Kakuna
Precious Metals Tepig
Andes Mint Pumpkaboo
Bluepunk Growlithe
Green Pau/Cheer Oricorio
In Bloom Torchic
Galaxy Glaceon with Leafeon's Ears and Vulpix's Tails
Galaxy Ninetails
Galaxy Dratini

Starofnights (15/20)

Omanyte with Cosmog's Colors
Bluepunk Dunsparce
Bluepunk Porygon 2
Key Lime Pie Umbreon with parts from Shedinja and Milotic
Chesto Piplup
Trubbish with Shiny Piplup's Palette and Beak
Navy and Red Spheal
Goodra with Seviper's Tail
Nest Ball Voltorb
Banana Split Oddish
Stormy Seas Weepinbell
Ocean Shore Grimer
Trubbish with a Blue Donut
Garbador with a Blue Donut
Pastel Blue Gradient Seel

ScavengerRey (4/20)

Meowstic with Driffloon's Cloud and Palette
Typhlosion with Sylveon's Ribbons and Palette
Salazzle with Sylveon's Palette
Rey inspired Braixen

fluffydeoxys (3/20)

Eelektross with Cosmog's Palette
Cleffa with Pichu's Ears and Palette
Pikachu with Blitzel's Color's and Horns

misc20 (1/20)

Carbink with Diance's Crystals

murfijs (1/20)

Statue Absol

TacoCat (4/20)

Spring Torterra
Andes Mint Chandelure
Flygon with Lucario's Palette
Lineless Solosis

Espeon445 (7/20)

Fall Lilligant
Custom Absol
Dieno with Ralts's Head and Cobalion's Horn
Roggenrola with Foogus's Mushroom and Palette
Corosola with Chingling's Palette and Tails
Deino with Deerling's Palette and Face
Lake Trio Fusion

Bianica (4/20)

Lunar Vespiquen
Fall Kirlia with Lilligant's Skirt
Kingdra with Sylveon's Ribbons and Palette
Swampert with Seel's Face and Absol's Palette

The Lich Queen (6/20)

Espeon with Cosmog's Clouds and Palette
Purple Galaxy Flaafy
Pink Galaxy Cyndaquil
Dieno with Keldeo's Face and Pallete
Cottonee with Mareep's Palette
Pikachu with Wartortle's Ears, Tail, and Palette

Romano (4/20)

Carbink with Bug Gems for Crystals
Solar Ralts
Blueberry Cherubi
Cyan Galaxy Girafarig

PaulG33ks (3/20)

Galaxy Ivysaur
Glaceon with Leafeon's Ears and Palette and Vulpix's Tails
Galaxy Gradient Arbok

Sheba (3/10)

Shy Shuckle
Green Dratini
Black Shelmet with Rainbow Musharna Smoke

NoahPlayz (9/20)

Honey Horsea
Summer Chikorita
Typhlosion with Gastly's Fog, Eye, and Palette
Eevee with Budew's Palette and Face
Alternate Shinies of the Gible Line
Lavender Bulbasaur
Green and Brown Vulpix

MrMeenki968 (1/20)

Mutated Lampent with Cherubi Parts

HeyItzJake (6/20)

Galaxy Cranidos
Galaxy Clefairy
Squirtle with Infernape's Head, Tail, and Palette
Sunset Gradient Slowpoke
Metallic Butterfree
Rainbow Solosis

JoltztheJolteon (2/20)

Metallic Macargo
Jade Tympole

hopper13 (2/20)

Xatu with Articuno's Tail and Headpiece and Gorybyss's Top Fin
Honey and Lime Whimsicott

periidot (2/20)

Pollution Drifloon
Pollution Chespin

DefenderIsDead (1/20)

Mothim with Vespiquen's Dress and Masquirain's Wings

ChibiLunaThorn (10/20)

Castform with a better looking body
Eevee with Deerling's Face and Palette
Night Sky Lunatone with Swablu's Palette and Weezing's Clouds
Lunar Musharna
Gigalith with Carbink's Pallete
Budew with Hoppip's Leaves and Pallete
Shy Metallic Shuckle
Snorunt with Chimecho's Ball and Palette
Golurk with Mespirit's Palette
Inverted Duskinor

RubyIllustration (5/20)

Lily Bulbasaur
Dragonair with Dragonite's Palette
Inverted Umbreon
Grey and Teal Eevee
Custom Albino Eevee

MidnightStars (3/20)

Angery Ralts with Hitmontop's Head
Inverted Gothitelle
Ghost Type Torchic with Shuppet's Palette and Skirt and Haunter's Hand (resized to half scale and scratched to look clean

RowletPrincess (10/20)

Lime and Chocolate Squirtle
Chocolate and Honey Squirtle
Banana Split Victrebell
Parasect with 1 Up Mushroom from Super Mario 1's Palette
Ocean Shore Muk
Kelpsi Kabuto
Cave Blue Parasect
Cotton Candy Smeargle
Metallic Sealeo
Blue Flaafy

crownedkitty25 (1/20)

Color Pop Cyndaquil

ThunderGod (2/20)

Blue Celebi
Alolan Vulpix with Cosmog's Palette and Poofs

SkittyLoop (1/20)

Mime Jr. with Mismagus's Hat and Palette

Javieldeo (2/20)

Darkrai and Hoopa Fusion
Grass Type Blitzle with Shaymin's Hair and Palette and Grotle's Tree and Palette

BasanSama (4/20)

Galaxy Bulbasaur
Slugma and Azurill Fusion
Pollution Turtwig
Lineless Marill

Cydric (3/20)

Lineless Color Pop Plusle
Lineless Plusle
Primal Karrablast

Nekosoybean (1/20)

Candy Unown

Buying Claim Slots

Want to buy a sprite slot? PM me, but here are my prices. - 10 GP per claim slot - Putting an advertisement in your signature will grant you 5 extra slots. - Message me other offers too lol.

Request Form

[centre] Volix! I want a sprite! [b]Username:[/b] [b]What you want (fusion, recolor, galaxy, gradient, etc.):[/b] [b]Base Pokemon:[/b] [b]Additional Pokemon or Colors:[/b] [b]Claiming?:[/b] [b]Password:[/b] [/centre] Want to look through some colors and pick something more specific than 'green'? Go here to check out my ever growing list of colors!


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May 2018


+ Added a way to purchase more claim slots + Added 9 new free stickers + Message me if you actually read the changelog lol

April 2018


+ Finally updated claims. + Added a few rules to help my sanity. + Made a few new sprites to claim.

March 2018


+ Figured out how to make galaxies and gradients. + Uploaded 11 free stickers.


+ Made the claimed section easier to navigate. + Set a limit to how many claims one can have. + Uploaded a few new free stickers.

February 2018


+ Made zero progress on requests + Added 3 new claimable stickers


+ Added 2 new free stickers that were claimed insantly. + Realized how popular Cosmog really is.


+ Added 1 new free sticker. + Added an Advertisement section. + Forgot how to code for a while like a dummy.


+ Added a poll to rate my sprites. + Added 5 new free stickers.


+ Added a changelog + Clarified how many sprites a person can request at once + Added two new free stickers
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