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WaterWølf600's AvatarWaterWølf600
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placeholder sprite as I try and find art or something to put here
Hello and welcome to my trade shop! This used to be mainly a box & gem hunting shop, but now is transitioning into a more general trade shop. the banners were put together by me and the pixel was made by this lovely user of my pokesona, Zel
  • rules
  • slots
  • discounts & orders
  • affiliates
- PFQ rules apply - Please be nice to other customers and I - You are free to mix up payment forms - Please keep in mind that I am able to decline offers if there is a problem - Forms aren't provided, but please be clear with what you want and what you are offering! - Please mention if you want the items by a specific date! - I'm quite lenient with whether or not you're ordering over the max of boxes/gems as they're there so my supplies don't dwindle down - Please subscribe, I won't be contacting anyone via PM if your gems//boxes are ready

Box Hunts


52 boxes collected
4 box boxes
84 boxes
| 400 zc

Gem Hunts

I'm hoping to implement a more concrete discount & 'loyalty' rewards, but for now, this is it. ^^ please tell me if you're eligible for a discount as I won't be checking everyone
newbietype race
if you have the bulb icon next to your username, then you are able to get a 15% discount off here!if you if your current team is my current or previous team, then you are able to get a 20% discount off here! current team ;; previous team ;;

previous orders this is simply a grouping of how much you have spent here, I'll use this later to work out how individual discounts for spending more works. uwu But for now, you can just see the amount here. Everything is shown in a sense of GP, even if you traded an item.
username amount spent (GP)
AlexYXC 635
Bluestarfox67 260
Clooftato 400
Cosmere413 200
Creepyeevee 140
daly05 200
Deathlyzeref 560
Delta1413 32
depressedanon 500
EXE000 500
explorersofsky 200
flappywing 730
Fyrena 1000
Hetus 700
Hexel 1500
InsaneHysteria 400
Keizatsu 1000
LeagueOfPotatoes 1000
likeits1698 100
miakete 22
NotSoYugioh 580
NoxieZombie 500
Prince Discord 1000
Psychokineticism 500
PurpleQuartz 140
Remilia 100
RubyIllustration 140
Sarish 20
Selena5000 500
ShinyYena 500
SilverDarkness 4,000
SimiAcheron 10,500
banner by WaterWolf600, art by gezeichnet
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