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Welcome to my Junk Drawer o' Specials! This is just a loose list of what I have in my UFT fields, located at the end of my field listings. Sometimes this list is outdated, so full apologies if it says I have something I don't have. I try my best to keep it up to date! Please check my fields to see which natures are available, as well as make sure the pokemon is in enough stock if you want multiples. Some of these I only have one or two of, so be sure to check! I also take payment in other currencies, at a 5GP:5kCR:1ZC rate. I'll also accept 1
sprites by pfq/nintendo edited by me
Random Summon for any pokemon 80GP or under! Incoming stock: lileep Future: yungoos, smeargle
Shiny Zubat!
Shiny Weedle!
Shiny Togepi!
Shiny Machop!
Shiny Mankey!
Shiny Paras!
Shiny Panpour!
Shiny Pansage!
Shiny Stunky!
Shiny Sigilyph!
Shiny Carvanha!
Shiny Dwebble!
Shiny Cutiefly!
Shiny Ferroseed!
Shiny Sneasel!
Shiny Turtonator!
Shiny Scorbunny!
Shiny Impidimp!
Shiny Mareep!
Shiny Ekans!
Shiny Bergmite!
Shiny Green Plumage Squawkabilly!
Shiny Blue Plumage Squawkabilly!
Albino G. Zigzagoon!
Albino Zubat!
Albino Weedle!
Albino Pidgey!
Shiny Yellow Plumage Squawkabilly!
Shiny Druddigon!
Shiny Duraludon!
Shiny Archen!
Shiny Duskull!
Shiny Yamask!
Shiny Toxel!
Albino Venonat!
Albino Morelull!
Albino Elgyem!
Albino Meditite!
Albino Panpour!
Albino Pansage!
Albino Stunky!
Albino Pawniard!
Albino A.Grimer!
Albino Numel!
Albino Sigilyph!
Albino Treecko!
Albino Honedge!
Albino Crabrawler!
Albino Dwebble!
Albino Cutiefly!
Albino Ferroseed!
Albino Mudkip!
Albino Sneasel!
Albino Snubbull!
Albino Kangaskhan!
Albino Bergmite!
Albino Machop!
Albino Totodile!
Albino Turtonator!
Albino Gligar!
Albino Mankey!
Albino Impidimp!
Albino Scorbunny!
Albino Mareep!
Albino Ekans!
Albino Salandit! (male)
Albino Spritzee!
Albino Sobble!
Albino Drampa!
Albino Green Plumage Squawkabilly!
Albino Blue Plumage Squawkabilly!
Albino G. Mr. Mime!
Albino Lunatone!
Albino Nincada!
Albino Yamask!
Albino Druddigon!
Albino Spiritomb!
Albino Duraludon!
Albino Archen!
Albino Duskull!
Shiny Aerodactyl!
Albino Toxel!
Albino Yellow Plumage Squawkabilly!
Albino Heracross!
Albino Mienfoo!
Albino Riolu!
Shiny Ayeren!
Shiny Vampire Gligar!
Shiny Arctic Numel!
Albino Dreepy!
Albino Combee (female)!
Albino Eevee!
Shiny White Plumage Squawkabilly!
Albino Ayeren!
Albino Hydrark!
Albino Vampire Gligar!
Albino Apocalyptic Golett!
Albino Galvanic Wooper!
Albino Arctic Numel!
Albino White Plumage Squawkabilly!
Shiny Deoxys!
Albino Deoxys!
I have a handful of non-special pokes I'm selling, namely exclusives and legendaries that I have a ton of!
Arctic Numel!
Apocalyptic Golett!
Galvanic Wooper!
Up For Offers
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