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Hunt Post Number Eight

For the HM of Nov/30 til Dec/28. Dec/28 til Jan/25. Jan/25 til Feb/22.
Solosis Hunt Post tourney/unova hunt [33♂A][75♂S][99♀S][155♀S][221♂S][258♀A][269♀S] [340 eggs] 04/Dec/2017—14/Dec/2017 Onix Hunt Stats type race/albino hunt [9♂A][143♂S][170♀A][174♀S] [180 eggs + 4 FGs] 14/Dec/2017—22/Dec/2017 Hatch PotD Tourney Random albino Hawlucha + flawless gem Paras Hunt Stats [16♀A][32♂A][99♂S] [159 eggs] 22/Dec/2017—26/Dec/2017 Grubbin Hunt Stats [63♀S] [69 eggs] 26/Dec/2017—28/Dec/2017 Kricketot Hunt Stats [81♂S][99♂S][137♂A][174♂S][184♀S][186♂S][206♂S][317♀S][430♀S][566♂A][636♀S] [673 eggs] 28/Dec/2017—11/Jan/2018 Minior Hunt Stats type race hunt note to self: 1 each albi/shiny for Drocagen; 600gp [103S][114S
for Droc
for Droc
] [300 eggs + 3? FGs
at this point i don't think it's worth it to count these
] 11/Jan/2018—18/Jan/2018 Technically random albino Minior +flawless gem (1st hatched)
Pidove Hunt Stats [52♂S][91♂S][114♀A][118♀A][148♀S][156♀S][178♂A][188♀S][199♂S][211♀S][243♂S][245♀A][283♀S] [300 eggs] 18/Jan/2018—22/Jan/2018 Drilbur Hunt Stats albino hunt [39♂S][67♀A][93♂S][127♀S][129♀S][156♂A] [164 eggs] 22/Jan/2018—23/Jan/2018 Venipede Hunt Stats [26♂A][30♀A][203♂S][220♂S][223♀S] [250 eggs] 23/Jan/2018—27/Jan/2018 Litwick Hunt Stats [26♀A][55♀S][62♀A][66♀S][139♀S][204♀S][322♀S][332♂A] [350 eggs] 27/Jan/2018—09/Feb/2018 Cottonee Hunt Stats type race/unova hunt [61♀A][79♂S][94♂S] [185 eggs] 09/Feb/2018—19/Feb/2018 Eevee for tourney Fairy Eggs for Race Cottonee V2 Hunt Stats [88♂A][101♀S][108♂A] [120 eggs] 20/Feb/2018—24/Feb/2018
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