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A word of advice

I know there are many people who are afraid of posting in the forums - even in the trade threads. I have to admit I was also scared at first when I had to post something. But after some time I learned it's nothing bad. Nobody ate me for posting in their shop with an offer or question. Moreover, I have my own trade shop and from time to time I'm making temporary trade threads too (eg. when I want to bring some more attention to my UFT Shinies). And it's actually a very fun experience. I can easily sell my Shinies and get currency for some special hunts I'd like to make. So I decided to write something to encourage you to post in trade forums. I hope it will help you with overcoming your fear.
First, maybe try to look at it as I do: there are so many pages in most trade threads and it's rather unlikely somebody other than the shop owner will read your post, especially after some time passes and your post is few pages away from the newest posts, and, trust me, people really don't care about old posts of other users. They will only know you're buying something - and if it's, let's say, a Shiny, they will be able to see it in your Party or on your Fields anyways, even if you buy it via PMs. And they won't be doing anything bad to you because of it. The only thing I can think about is asking you about Dex Trades which is a rather good thing (unless you don't want to do dex trades :) ) And trade shops in forums are similar to the real life shops - you come to them, choose what you want and go to pay for it. And in a real life shop there are other people too and they will see what you're buying but usually they won't be caring about it because they are focused on their own shopping. So if you can go to the real life shop, why don't you buy in a virtual game trade shop? And when it comes to writing in a different language (which btw was my problem at first) you can treat posting in (trade) forums as a practice. Besides this English is a very common language and it isn't that hard to write in it. You also have time to look for words you don't know and you want to use them in your post. And nobody will be mad at you if you make a mistake - if they won't understand you, they will simply ask you what you mean.
Thanks for reading this. I hope this was helpful. Have a nice day!
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