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Charsaurtle's AvatarCharsaurtle
Charsaurtle's Avatar
Christmas Wishlist 2017! (For Secret Santa Purposes) -Well, I think you all know what the first thing is...
-Still want a shiny/albino female Combee/Vespiquen >.> -Albino Minun -I usually don't have interest in shinies/albinos unless it's a full line, but I don't mind a melan pfft as if -Collected gems:
Normal, flying, bug, semi-fairy/poison
Butterfrite Q and/or Venusaurite
Shelter Pass ★
- Not really expecting this one! -Valentine Gardevoir CS -An avatar of Charsaurtle! For arty people ^^


Drawn by aisuchi from here! Drawn by Paravoina from here!
-Not necessarily in order, besides the ZC ^^;

2017 Gifts!

ShadowRinny- Shiny Minior, 5 medium flying gems, 100 ZC E.N.D_Zeref- 210 GP TheCraft- Shiny (M) Combee, Shiny Vespiquen ~Thanks to everyone and a merry christmas ^^ !
Shop<>Journal Collecting: 500k credits / 500 GP / 100 ZC / Other (Please check shop) ~Weirdo~ Image: X
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