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Update- 4/22/18

Please refrain from complaining about your own melanistic hunts in this thread! That is not the purpose of this thread, and is often passive-aggressive towards those who have hatched their melan. In order to keep this thread positive, please keep hunt complaints in threads such as Little Things that Bother You or the Melan Hunt Complaint thread. Thank you for your understanding.
Previously the Sprite Discovery/Discussion thread served as a congratulatory thread of sorts, but now that more and more sprites have been discovered, less people are recognized for their accomplishments. So I decided to make this for a couple reasons- first of all, to recognize people who have attained their precious melans, and partially to assess the frequency of which melans are hatched. Naturally, I'm going to lay some ground rules:
  • Do not PM the poster for permanent or dextrade unless the poster EXPLICITLY states that the Pokemon is up for trade. ABSOLUTELY do not post in the thread to ask for permanent or dextrade.
  • At the time of posting, your melan must be hatched within the past 2 days.
  • This thread is for melanistic Pokemon only.
  • Other rules may be added as necessary.
To kick this thread off, have my Pawniard buddy that I hatched a few minutes ago! Only took me 4.8k eggs eheh.
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