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Seventh Hunt Post

For the HM duration of Oct/5 til Nov/2. Once I get a job, I may as well just buy a 180 day HM. Since I keep refreshing it every month anyway... New HM: Nov/2 til Nov/30.
Zubat Hunt Stats [63♂S][124♂S][135♂A][181♂S][233♂S][252♀S][253♂S][262♂S] [320 eggs] 03/Oct/2017—13/Oct/2017 Flying Pichu Hunt Stats Since this will be a new chain, albeit suplimented by other electric or Pichu eggs, I guess that's a hunt. WT: [one][two][three] Regular Pichu: [74albino][363albino][452albino] [180 eggs] 13/Oct/2017—20/Oct/2017 Lab eggs Lunatone Hunt Stats [46S][48S][52A][75S] [85 eggs + 2 FGs] 21/Oct/2017—24/Oct/2017 Farfetch'd Hunt Stats [56♀S][63♂S][117♀A] [123 eggs] 24/Oct/2017—27/Oct/2017
Pachirisu Hunt Stats albino hunt [66♂S][92♀S][118♂S][122♂S][130♀S][138♂S][181♀S][193♂S][211♂S][259♂S][282♀S][345♀S][389♂S][456♀A] [458 eggs] 28/Oct/2017—08/Nov/2017 Archen Hunt Stats type race hunt [107♂S][133♂S][154♂S][155♂S][182♂A][217♂S][221♂S][226♂A] [236 eggs + 4 FGs] 08/Nov/2017—11/Nov/2017 Relicanth Hunt Stats type race hunt [72♂S][113♂A] [120 eggs + 1 FG] 11/Nov/2017—14/Nov/2017 Random albino Boxaby + FG Zubat Hunt Stats [7♀A][45♀A] [45 eggs] 15/Nov/2017—16/Nov/2017 Dwebble Hunt Stats [59♀S][67♂S][168♀S][173♀A][209♂S][218♀S][286♂A][293♀S][331♂S][337♂A][484♂S] [540 eggs + 8 FGs] 16/Nov/2017—28/Nov/2017 Mienfoo Hunt Stats tourney hunt [55♂S][109♀A][151♀S][171♀S][175♀A][243♂S][260♀A] [278 eggs + 6 FGs] 28/Nov/2017—04/Dec/2017
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