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Type Race History

First Type Race: August, 2017

Ghost Team Never-Ending Nightmare Mass Click List 444

Second Type Race: September, 2017

Psychic Team Shattered Psyche Mass Click List 466

Third Type Race: October, 2017

Electric Team Gigavolt Havoc Mass Click List 508

Fourth Type Race: November, 2017

Rock Team Continental Crush Mass Click List 2472

Fifth Type Race: December, 2017

Ground Team Tectonic Rage Mass Click List 1024

Sixth Type Race: January, 2018

Flying Team Supersonic Skystrike Mass Click List 1278

Seventh Type Race: February, 2018

Fairy Team Twinkle Tackle Mass Click List 1026

Eighth Type Race: March, 2018

Dragon Team Devastating Drake Mass Click List 2007

Ninth Type Race: April, 2018

Normal Team Breakneck Blitz Mass Click List 826

Tenth Type Race: May, 2018

Grass Team Bloom Doom Mass Click List 955

Eleventh Type Race: June, 2018

Dark Team Black Hole Eclipse Mass Click List 1200

Twelfth Type Race: July, 2018

Water Team Hydro Vortex Mass Click List 891

Thirteenth Type Race: August, 2018

Bug Team Savage Spin-Out Mass Click List 1337

Fourteenth Type Race: September, 2018

Ice Team Subzero Slammer Mass Click List 1545

Fifteenth Type Race: October, 2018

Fighting Team All-Out Pummeling Mass Click List 1029

Sixteenth Type Race: November, 2018

Steel Team Corkscrew Crash Mass Click List 600

Seventeenth Type Race: December, 2018

Poison Team Acid Downpour Mass Click List 964

Eighteenth Type Race: January, 2019

Fire Team Inferno Overdrive Mass Click List 704

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