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Does the task of hatching 200 points worth of eggs seem too daunting for you? Here's some advice. *********************************************************** Advice -Try for Pokerus. As little as 50-100 clicks can get you in. You just have to be patient and willing to work a little. -Does your Type match the V-Wave? Great! Use this to your advantage! -Start a Hunt. If you have at least 1 hatched, for example, Axew, in your Party while hunting Axew, your eggs will gain more EHP than usual. Up to 3 Hatched Pokemon of the same species in Party will count towards increased EHP. -In addition to the above, you can start a Fossil Hunt. Placing a Prehistoric Fossil (one that you revive from the Lab) in your Party will double the EXP per warm on your Eggs. Refer to the EHP Calculator to determine what to do for the best results. -Have the Credits? Grab an EXP Share. That will give the Eggs/Pokemon in your Party an additional point for every interaction you make. It doesn't sound like much, but it's encouraging knowing that, if need be, you can hatch your own eggs without having to wait hours to days for others' help. -Log out and help your Eggs. -Find people who are on the same team as you. Start/Search for a Discord or other Communication Group for your Team. Whenever you get new Parties, help each other as a User and a Guest. *********************************************************** Things to Remember -Type Eggs of your team won't break your chain -Type Eggs won't create a secondary chain ***********************************************************
Omanyte/: 16
Helix Fossil
Kabuto/: 20
Dome Fossil
AerodactylNA/: 13
Old Amber
Lileep/: 10
Root Fossil
Anorith/: 7
Claw Fossil
Cranidos: 11
Skull Fossil
Shieldon/: 17
Armour Fossil
Tirtouga/: 10
Cover Fossil
Archen/: 22
Plume Fossil
Tyrunt/: 20
Jaw Fossil
Amaura/: 9
Sail Fossil
***********************************************************The following is a chart of EHP and how many points you will get for hatching an Egg.
*********************************************************** The following is a list of the smallest eggs in each category. All are 2560 or 3840. Exceptions are: Magikarp (1280), Noibat (5120), Drampa (5120), and Turtonator (5120). If you don't know what the eggs look like, a few minutes looking through the Wiki can help with that. I would link straight to it, but I've always learned more than what I went to look for when I explore. Egg List Bug: Caterpie, Weedle, Wurmple Dark: Poochyena, Scraggy, Alolan Rattata Dragon: Noibat, Drampa, Turtonator Electric: Togedemaru, Pachirisu, Pichu, Alolan Geodude Fairy: Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Azurill Fighting: Croagunk, Scraggy, Stufful Fire: Flying: Pikipek, Fletchling, Pidove, Starly, Taillow, Pidgey Spearow, Woobat, Hoothoot, Zubat, Combee, Ledyba Ghost: Sandygast Grass: Sewaddle, Shroomish, Lotad, Seedot Ground: Geodude, Nincada, Sandygast Ice: Normal: Igglybuff, Azurill Poison: Croagunk, Weedle, Wurmple Psychic: Munna Rock: Geodude, Roggenrola, Rockruff, Alolan Geodude Steel: Togedemaru Water: Magikarp
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