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I use the word hate quite sparingly overall, so when I use it, I really mean it. I absolutely HATE the fairy fox (actually fairy rabbit) to the point that I depise it soo much, I refuse to use it's name and by extension, avoid socially associating myself with any person that even barely likes that putrid thing, if I can help it. That, if I ever got the opportunity to remove just one thing from Pokémon, I would erase it's existence. It was all the holidays in one and more to me, when it was so easily defeated in the fairy gym by a fire/flying type. So, even more because it was a fire and flying typing that caused it's demised. I love wings, feathers, fire-related things and snow-related things. So I was over the moon, so to speak. I seriously disliked Serena (already annoyed me) after she evolved her Eevee into that, that thing. I was expecting it though, after seeing how annoyingly-girly she was. Unpopular opinion because I know that fairy rabbit, is seen cute but I seriously do not see it. Not to mention, Eevee being a male dominate species of fox, makes little sense for an overly girly evolution to even exist that looks like a rabbit not a fox. Also, on a lesser scale, I do not like the fairy typing, psuedo-legendaries (would be okay if they weren't over used, rare, normally high steps to hatch and their stats were more balanced with the rest of the average pokémon) and horrendously opposite coloured shinies to their original colourings. I do not like dark shinies any way, unless it's original colouring was that. It's why I do not like or even want to hunt very many of the melans. I prefer softer and brighter colours with things.
Updated: Dec 4th
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